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----------Email me anytime for package deals!--------------------8 units left for the Yearbook pre-order!------- Holiday season specials hidden everywhere!


EMAIL ME FIRST FOR DISCOUNT PACKAGE DEALS AND COMBINED SHIPPING! When you buy any 2 Arsenal items or more (Bizarre Magick Menu products are not discountable, but give it a shot anyway. E-books are also not discountable)

We specialize in the production of hand crafted effects for those that perform in the fields of mentalism and bizarre magick. Whether for the professional or hobbyist, I design my products to fit most needs.

We have a team of creative artists and craftsmen that take great pride in the custom work done here at Outlaw and it is reflected in the wonderful feedback we receive from my customers, including some of the top names in our field. Many of our items are hand aged and made to order so there can be wait times. Our customers receive a personal lifetime warranty on all electronic products they purchase from us.
You can always email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for shipping status. You'll usually get a reply back from me the same day.

Enjoy your visit, and be sure and check out the Arsenal and Bizarre menu's before you leave.

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