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Spiritus Magnus Standard case $275 shipped Domestic

Spiritus Magnus Standard case $325 shipped Int.

SPIRITAS Carrying Case $225 shipped world wide

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Spiritus Magnus Standard Carrying Case




In 1935 Cornelius Hobbs presented Luna Rose with a very special talking board. He called it the Spiritus Magnus. She would be traveling with Hobbs' Mysterious Wonder tour that summer, and he specifically designed the Spiritus to make life a little easier as the Mysterious Wonder Tour criss-crossed the mid-west over the next three months.

He had the board made with a drawer that Luna could keep her cherished tarot and pendulum and even her Witches Almanac. They would always be at her fingertips.

Hobbs made a carrying case for the Spiritus Magnus. It would not only provide protection for the SM in its travels, the case could carry several additional items that allowed her to expand her presentations and change them.

He had a drawer built into the case for small personal items. There is a shelf that holds the planchette and bell etc. At the back of the shelf is another small deep compartment. The shelf area becomes a sealed compartment when the case is closed.

The Spiritus Magnus sits in the case on a velvet covered shelf. When you remove the SM, the shelf can be removed and there is additional space below for books and accessories.

Each case is hand made from solid walnut
Please allow 7-10 days to ship

Spiritus Magnus Deluxe Carrying Case




Spiritas antique oak travel case

The carrying case is 9 inches x 9 inches and 10 inches tall.