Baby Forever

What an odd place to find such a truly disturbing artifact. I would have expected a cellar or the attic or the back of a closet. I understand she didn't want it in the house, but in the garden?

Maybe she felt that surrounding it with pretty flowers would make it less frightening? Maybe.

The little girl called her "Baby". She was a good little girl, but Baby was not a good little doll. Baby did things and she got blamed for them. Everyone knew she was a good girl, why would she do those things? She told them over and over again the same thing "It was Baby not me". Of course little dolls don't "do things" and little girls have big imaginations don't they.

One day her daddy said "I've had enough. If Baby has been causing theses horrible things like you say, than lets make sure Baby can't do anything anymore."
Her father sealed up the doll in a wood crate and just to be sure, he nailed it shut and put iron straps around it.

Baby never got out of that sealed box, and the strange occurrences did stop, but to this day she makes her presence felt. She just stands and stares out her window, waiting...

Baby Forever stands 12 inches tall

Each case comes with a different doll. All blond hair unless otherwise requested

Hand made from sun dried wood.

Baby Forever is not gaffed. She is a truly bizarre artifact ready for you to create a wonderfully disturbing story for her!