Caged Voodoo

Outlaw Effects & The Doctor present Caged vOoDoO

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Circa 1837 New Orleans. A frightening little artifact of powerful nature.

Acquired from the estate of famed Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau II the daughter of the famous Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau. Strangely enough there was a time when both Marie and Marie II were active in the south and people didn't realize that Marie II was not Marie Laveau. Marie II unwittingly absorbed her mothers career, and replaced her without a lot of people knowing.

But there was a darkness about Marie II that her mother the true Queen, did not have. Her mother used her voodoo skills to help people. Marie II was not as loving. She preferred the "darker" side of of the magick.

She had a very odd way about her. She would nail her dolls into they could not escape her. Apparently she had misplaced her little dolls in the past (she claimed they ran away) and wanted to be sure they were there when she needed them.

She caged them in various little boxes she made. Pounded old nails through the sides of the boxes to keep them from getting out. She claimed it made them easier to use. I said she was odd...

She caged her little friends so they would never leave her...

Marie and Marie II were real Voodoo Queens in the south throughout most of the 1800's

The box is hand made and hand aged. It is approximately 7 inches long and 3 inches wide.

The doll is 6 inches long, hand made and wrapped in aged burlap. The doll can be additionally aged and dressed by the buyer if they desire to.

The Caged Voodoo box is routed out from a solid piece of wood and has all the werks hidden inside, creating another deceptive layer.

The item is 100% examinable. The participant can easily hold the box in one hand during performance, or the box can be used tabletop in a bizarre setting. The box makes no sound.

It comes with a vibrating pocket remote that tells you where the hits are.

Caged Voodoo has 7 hits!!-Head-Arms-Legs-Heart-Groin.

Includes the box, doll, dart and pocket remote

Andrew K. "Received Caged a day ago and wanted to thank you for the quick ship and this dark dark little artifact.
The works are perfect. The tiny receiver hides in any pocket and functions delightfully.

As it only came with technical instructions, having the private forum works well.

I have many possible ideas for this item and will be posting on the forum. Thank you Rick and Chris.