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Back in the early 1900's there was a stage actor with a young daughter Emily. Instead of building her a dollhouse he decided to build her a miniature stage so she could put on "plays" like the kind her father was in.

Sadly the little girl passed away shortly after receiving the Stage. Her spirit has inhabited the stage the past 100 years now, the spirit of a rather precocious 9 year old, and she's not happy when anyone "intrudes" on her domain. She may just "throw a fit" tossing everything around.

Her older sister Maggie knew the secret of the stage and was its guardian for 80 years.

When Maggie passed away at the age of 95, the stage disappeared for years, only to be found recently on the back shelf of a doll shop in Hells Kitchen N.Y. and purchased by an eccentric artist. The artist quickly sold the stage (for reasons we can speculate on). He was not prepared to be the Guardian.

The stage has a 4 coil system. Two in the floor, one in the back wall and the fourth on the roof of the cabinet. There are no threads, it is 100% hands free and under your control at all times. 

The furniture moves around, it flies up in the air, flies off the back wall, flies out the front of the stage. You can go around the room and "throw" all the furniture out of the stage at one time too (the little spirit is not happy)

It will ring the spirit bell inside the stage and the bell will ring up on the roof of the stage. Miniature rocking horse will rock.

These actions are 100% hands free. But...we have put 3 teeny holes hidden in sections of the roof of the stage in case you are inspired to do some "Annemann" style thread work in addition to the "werks" already built in.

Included are actual vintage wood dollhouse furnishings. You will get the table and chairs, the clock, spirit bell and stand and rocking horse. Tea set is not included, but easily found on the net.

Because the furniture is real vintage dollhouse, each stage will have unique furniture.

The stage itself comes looking just like the photo. Fireplace, door, window with the same view, two paintings, rocking horse, wallpaper, carpet, spirit bell and stand and furnishings.

Are you prepared to be the next guardian of the stage?

Limited edition of 75 numbered units.

This product is not discountable.



J.F.OK, so I had to actually log into the Café on my computer instead of my iphone, just so I could type easily enough for this review. Im the lucky holder of #007 (I’m like the bizarre James Bond!) and I gotta say, my initial reactions upon opening the package were ones of amazement and joy.

The pictures that are put up on the outlaw site certainly do not do it near enough justice. This stage just exudes freaky old victorian style, and it is perfectly aged. I have not yet had a chance to test it on an actual audience, by my typical compatriots are all equally impressed.

  As for the werks, this thing is lovely. The panel to access the special ingredients (all 32 of them!) is easily accessed and secured differently than most outlaw items. The fact that there are four coi!s is wonderful, as it brings about 4 times the fun. My stage main rem*te has the D button already set to the roof, so that makes it easier.
I love that this effect actually has the schematic for where the coi!s are located. The props themselves that come with the stage are equally fantastic and exquisitely done. The other beauty in my opinion is the bell. I like the new design, especially as I can now fit a bell in the drawer for my Spiritus Magnus drawer!

All in all, this looks to be a wonderful piece, and I look forward to using it to scare the jeebies out of some little girls next halloween! 

The action itself is wonderful, with the rem*te easily controlling the different pieces in order. For me personally, I just love the rocking horse as it looks creepy as sin. The table flies clear out if the curtain, the grandfather clock twists and turns, it is absolutely awesome. I'm thinking that I may have to go shopping for some other doll furniture to gimmick so as to have more versatility. Find a way to buy this, seriously gorgeous bizarre artifact!