Outlaw and Paul Noffsinger Present Deadwood





Saturday night in 1880 Deadwood though some say it was Tombstone. Doesn't matter. Saturday night in any 1880 western cow town was always the same. Whiskey flowing. Bar girls flaunting. Men gambling. And over in a corner, a friendly game of checkers between the town’s doctor and the owner of the general store. Their once-a-week indulgence that had been going on for years.

Suddenly a loud shout from one of the card tables broke through the honky-tonk piano music. “You’re a cheat!” A shot rang out and a man lay dead. The wrong man. An innocent man. A man just enjoying a game of checkers nearby when a bullet fired in haste went astray.

The owner of the general store.

They buried him in his Sunday best the next day after Church. That night his grown son went to the saloon and sat down at the checker board, which no one had touched. Sat there and stared. Everyone watched him, but they left him alone. Then, after two or three minutes, he reached into his pocket and took something out. He opened his hand and blew across it. Some very fine particles floated in the air before descending on to the checkerboard. With a satisfied smile, he got up and left.

Nobody said anything. He had always been a little strange, even as a boy. The bartender went over and looked at the board. It was dusty, very dusty. And the pieces had been moved, leaving a path in the dust. A few had been taken off the board. Strange since the store owner’s son had never touched the board. The bartender took a rag, wiped the board and set it up, ready for a new game.

The next morning the board was again covered with dust and the pieces moved. It looked like a game had been played?
The store owner’s son left town later that week and never came back. The bartender tried and tried to clean and set up the board, but each time when he checked, the dust had returned and the pieces had been moved. It was no use. Besides, no one would touch the set, not even the doctor. They were afraid of it. They said it was haunted, that the shore owner had returned, waiting to finish the game. Finally the bartender just packed the whole thing up and stuck it away.

Then one day a stranger walked into the saloon and said he was looking for a certain checkerboard, one that nobody wants to play on because it’s supposed to be haunted. He offered $25 for it. An exorbitant amount of money equal to two weeks wages back then, an offer that was immediately accepted.

So the checkerboard left Deadwood. Or Tombstone. Or whatever small western Cow-town it was and headed east in the company of its new owner.

Josephus Hobbs.

Includes gaffed checker, a gaffed photo of the victim, and a gaffed bullet in a bottle

Open it is 14 x 14 inches

This is our first FOUR Coil board! 3 coil "vortex" and single super coil (for launching objects :>)

Extensive paranormal phenomena at your will. Completely silent and under your control hands free at all times

Yes, you can play checkers on this board