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Outlaw Effects and Karl Feret Present: FOREVER

All hope gone as she sits forlorn in her tiny prison, day after day, year after year, decade upon decade, sadly contemplating her solitary existence.

She was beautiful once and now old and yellowed. I guess that is understandable, she has after all, been encased in her little prison for over a century.

No one just seals away a doll in such a horrible manner without a reason, right?

They look inside this cabinet, no prison, and see a Victorian doll sitting against the back of the cabinet. A disturbing sight to say the least. They open a tiny pouch and find a porcelain arm inside, could it be? Again they look through the opening at the doll. Now they see, how very odd, she is missing an arm.

Can this be her arm in the palm of your hand? It must be. They hear a faint sound now. A scratching, rattling sound but very weak. Do not turn around. You know where the sound is coming from, it's inside the box.

They have to know for sure, they have to look, but they're afraid to. But she's just a doll she can't be moving, she couldn't possibly stand up?

They turn their head slightly and from the corner of their eye they see something. No, it's not possible, the doll is now looking out the window.

The tiny porcelain arm drops from their hand and shatters on the floor. They stoop to pick up the pieces hesitantly glancing up at her, but she's gone, she's not looking out the window. Could they be mistaken? Did that really happen?

Doll movement under remote control at all times.
Includes gaffed "trophy" doll arm from your doll.that will respond to Hobbs, Dakboard and Jewel box with psychokinetic movements
Each box comes with a unique porcelain doll
Cabinet measures 19 inches tall by 9x9
Each unit is hand made to order
AUSTRALIAN buyers must email me before purchase. There are additional ship charges