Good & Bad Polly

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Polly 2.0

Polly 2.0 can now be programmed to turn her head laft or right. She can look from left to right or right to left in a single move. See New video NOW! See video of Bad Polly in action here:

She is programmed directly from the remote.

She used to be pretty and happy. There was a little girl that took care of her and loved her. Then something horrible happened, something Abby saw... Then suddenly she was alone...for decades. br />
As the months turned into years Abby began to manifest her sadness.

For Halloween we offer you two versions of Polly. The "good" Polly and the "bad" Polly.

She is very large, 20 inches. She is a sitting doll. She is also animatronic. Polly sits and stares straight ahead pondering her lonely existence.

But if you happen to look at her at the right moment, Abby will turn her head and look back at you. The next time you look at her she may be staring straight ahead again and you will wonder if she really did turn and look at you or were you just imagining that?

Each Polly doll is a unique and individual doll, no two look identical, but they all have the same "look" as bad Polly or good Polly.
Before performing you will determine if the position of the doll requires her to turn to the left or turn to the right. This is done with a hidden toggle switch. Once her head has turned and looked it will stay in that position until you hit the remote again and then she will turn back to staring straight ahead.

This item is made to order and at this time ships 2 weeks from order date

we are doing a run of 5 Pollys over the next 2 weeks. We'll update this page as they come into stock.