Hobbs Box 2.0

Outlaw Effects and Doctor X Present

Hobbs Box Standard 2.0 and Hobbs Ultimate Keybox 2.0!

Now with a duel coil for shaking or power blast! Now with Bluetooth hands free remote system for great range!


HOBBS ULTIMATE WITCHBOX! (books not included)

HOBBS ULTIMATE KEYBOX! (books not included)

It's been "underground" for about a year now. Works just like a Hobbs box, and is the Ultimate Luna Keybox. This is a very cool piece for Luna owners. The design is a little deeper than the traditional Hobbs and will allow all 3 hardcover Luna books to easily fit inside.


A Colonial era desk top utility box. Aged pine wood aged and antiqued. It will holds the spirit bell, Luna books, Dekranom, Carnie cards etc.
The box has a powerful electro-magnetic coil built into the lid and will ring the bell, blow a Relic off the top, make a PK ring slide across the top, or any "supernatural" phenomenon you may be inspired to create.

This item has an encrypted code and will not trigger any other Outlaw devices and cannot be triggered by any devices.

Has a single toe remote. There is a reed switch built into the bottom, so once its loaded with batteries you just remove the small disc magnet from the bottom and it is active, replace the magnet and it shuts down.

It is a very heavy solid box. 100% examinable. No wires going to the lid hehehe.

Comes with an aged hand cast pewter bell stand and brass spirit bell. The bell and stand fit in the box. This bell can also be used with the Spiritus, Oculus and soon to be released Dark board.

Except for the bell and stand, no other items pictured come with the box.

The plague is customizable to order

The inner label is customizable You may have whatever you want engraved on the plaque and label as long as it fits.



Not discountable

Georges-Robert Magician & Mentalist This past weekend, I performed in the Peller Theater at the Magic Castle. I presented my Theatrical Séance show to capacity audiences.

The guests and magician membership, that attended, had nothing but positive reviews and compliments. The House Medium, Leo Kostka, saw the show twice!
Afterwards, I received several emails from audience attendees, thanking me for invitations to the Magic Castle, but more especially for delivering a thrilling and entertaining show.

I used the Hobb's Box as my opener and from the moment the bell rang, I held the room's attention. During one show the audience participant, on stage with me, began to move away uneasily as he saw and heard the bell ringing with no apparent explanation except a ghostly presence in the room.

On several occasions, I observed audience participants covering their mouth in disbelief.

When set-up with a well written story and presented in the proper environment, the Hobb's Box is a very strong effect. I have no doubts in stating that it will remain to be the opener in all my parlor and stage shows.

Chad C.Got my Hobbs Box in the mail this past morning and just used it in a program tonight. It is a custom one made specifically for my shows/theme which is why I could add it straight in after making sure it worked.

The show went great and when the bell went off there was a terrific response of gasps, jumping, and frightened twitches. The box was holding some old cards, Paul Prayer's Witch of Glastonbury, the bell, an emf meter and the small Outlaw urn in its box. Everything easily fit inside which was a pleasant surprise as it doesn't look that big from the outside.

At home I also used it with the urn, which it knocked over easily, lovely Lucy which tapped nicely and evenly, a Higley monkeys paw which twitched, and a relic which flew off the top, flipped over, or both.

This is literally a show in a box. A nasty, old, and very used looking box - and that is a good think. Great job once again by the good folks at Outlaw.
Oh, and it will cause a k2 emf meter to go off even at 2-3 feet away which is a nice bonus if you want to encourage folks to bring one to "investigate" with. Very powerful.

I love this and it will be going into the grand finale in one of my programs.