Hobbs Helladora

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Hobbs Helladora

Outlaw Effects & Doctor X present Hella!dora

The Hobbs Helladora is an ultimate utility box. Circa 1910. It could have been a one off jewelry box, or desk box.

Outer dimensions are 10 inches across 8 inches deep and 8 inches tall.

Large enough inside to hold several books and decks and trinkets. The drawer big and deep enough to hold a full un-assembled De-Constructed Cube inside. (not included)

The Helladora has a 2 way coil in the lid. Items can shake and rattle, and then it will allow you to do a full coil blast and knock the item off the lid.

There is a remote controlled switching gaff in the recessed lid. You can open and close the lid as many times as you like. The switch function is triggered by the remote.

It will easily switch 3-4 photos or a postcard or letter. Just to clarify, it will only do the switch once without re-loading. You can switch 3-4 photos, but they would all switch at the same time. Most guys are going to switch out one item usually.

The Hella!dora comes with a 7 bank sound system pre-programmed with common "creepy" sounds, tapping, scratching, etc. Like the original Hobdora, the sounds can be customized by the owner.

Includes a spirit bell and stand

Finally, there is a really nice size drawer. Large enough to hold an un-assembled De-Constructed Cube or few books and decks, photos etc.

Thank you for looking. More pics coming.

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De-constructed Cube is not included