Inquisitor 2013

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Inquisitor 2013

Outlaw Effects and Karl Feret Present

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Inquisitor 2013

Inquisitor 2013

Inquisitor 2013

Inquisitor 2013

Inquisitor 2013

Her fate lay inside the strange box.

Salem Town, Massachusetts 1692. Mass hysteria engulfed the colonial region. Witches witches witches.

That year at the court of Oyer and Terminer nineteen "witches" were hang'd and another 150 condemned to prison. Fifty having confessed outright to being witches.

Hysteria? Most likely.

Within a year Governor William Phips put an end to the trials. Over two hundred people had been imprisoned within the province.

The trials were over, but were they really over? No they were not. There were still accusations and there was still fear. There was something else too. A small box. It is seen in several portraits of Magistrates and Judges, even now... You would never notice the box sitting on the desk in the background. No you would ever notice it, because it looked like a desk box, or maybe a brandy box.

It was not. It was a Judgment box of sorts, referred to as an "Inquisitor" by those in the know. It was used to determine ones guilt or innocence. But guilty of what? Almost anything...

They say the box can tell. Place your hand inside and it will determine your fate...Don't place your hand inside and, well that would not be a good idea either.

How ironic that this beautiful little box could instill such fear, and fear it was. Most people refused to put their hand inside, a decision they surely regretted.

The oddest thing of all? They are still out there, still being used I suspect.

This prop is not gaffed. It uses a psychological presentation.

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