Outlaw and Bill Montana Present




It’s old.
Very old.
200 years old. Maybe more.

Coveted by those who knew, and discarded by those who feared, it’s been opened and re-sealed, lost and found, hidden and stolen. Now it’s back!

With a clear warning: DO NOT OPEN!
Disregarding this simple injunction can have far-reaching detrimental consequences, consequences unforeseen by all. All, that is, but you, since they’ll be entirely under your control. And then the fun begins!

Pandora lets you and the audience appear to discover its secrets together. For example:

You crack the seal of this very very old box and inside is a single 1934 log book from a mental hospital. You've never seen anything like it. You pass it around. Then you channel the life of a 42 year old mad patient.

While such a cool concept of a sealed box is scary in itself, we added something that enables you to expand your presentations: a built in sound device! That’s right: scratching, tapping, whispering, spirit writing and EVP's that respond to your questions, included! All hands free with one remote.

Whatever sound the presentation calls for. Pandora can be programmed by the buyer with additional sound presentations.

Picture this:
The box is on the table and it's been discussed, but it’s still sealed. No one knows what’s inside. Someone thinks they heard a sound coming from the box, a scratching sound. You now sense the spirit of a young girl in the room. Again there’s the soft sound of scratching or tapping from inside the box. Now the spirit is getting restless.
The spectators plead with you to open the box, so you yield, crack the seal and lift the lid. Inside is a small, very old doll. Now the sounds have disappeared. The spirit is quiet.

By combining different items in the box with different sounds you have an infinite number of presentations at your disposal. The e-book for Pandora will get you started with some and the private forum will be an on-going source for others.

Pandora is a perfect blend of Bill Montana’s brilliant concept for introducing items into your bizarre performance and some ideas that Outlaw has been playing with for a while.

The box itself is hand crafted from oak, small, but spacious: 7 inches long, 6 inches wide and 3.5 inches deep, including the recessed lid. The hasp is hand cast and forged pewter and the hinges hand forged rolled brass. This is not store bought hardware. The corners are box cut old style. It’s an artifact that would have been right at home during the Civil War or other earlier periods.

The hand cast "Wax barrel hasp" has its provenance with The Illuminati and later Freemason.

The box lid has a small arcane symbol hand engraved in one corner. It’s a Freemason symbol, although not one you're likely to have seen, which lends itself to many interpretations.

Pandora comes with 7 banks of sounds already programmed in. There is a volume control built into the "werks". Included you will receive the needed supplies to re-seal the box numerous times. Additional supplies are very inexpensive.

Cafe Review I got my PANDORA today. After only an hour of flight time, I can say that this is going to be a big deal.

I will explore it a little more and post more details this weekend. The voices are very cool and I am anxious to work on programming my own sounds / voices.
I talked with Rick at ECSS about using it to answer for a version of a "spirit Q&A". You turn the volume down low enough that no one can hear it, put the spectators cell phone against it and record the sounds on their cell phone. That way, they can play it for other spectators AND take it home and use it to tell the story later.

This is a really awesome tool. Nice work Rick. Bill Montana says there is another secret to it, but he says I have to discover it on my own....he's not telling.......
Cafe Review Mine arrived late last week. Took about 4 or 5 days to cross the USA. Not bad at all!
If you've been following this, then you already know how creepy it looks.

For now, D@rkspell will be living in this.
I agree that the quality/atmosphere factor is up to the usual high standards. One improvement I noticed right off the bat is ease of access to the battery compartment. This alone is beautiful, and if you own any older OE items, you will understand what I mean.

So I'm happy to reanimate the dead horse with this one and say that Rick and Tim crushed it (again).

Looking forward to scaring the sh*t out of people with this. My wife is already freaking out, and all I did was take it out of the box it was shipped in.

2 units in stock now 1/21/16

Pandora has a private forum. Buyers will receive the password.