Phasmatis Chiroptera

Phasmatis Chiroptera


At the turn of the 20th century a young doctor by the name of Robert Hemsworth was dabbling in the occult. He became fascinated with the aspect of contacting the dead. He was a bit of a necromancer. One evening late on a winter night he was in his study writing in his journal about his latest endeavors regarding spirit presence and demons.

He uttered an incantation that he was told will summon a spirit. What happened next would alter his life.He felt not a spirit presence in his study, but a malevolent demon spirit.

The air suddenly chilled in the room and the Doctor felt as if he were going to be physically ill. By chance sitting on his desk was a specimen of Chiroptera (bat) that he had acquired from an associate several days earlier.

As sudden as the chill and nausea came on, they stopped. His eyes were attracted to movement from the little specimen box on his desk with the dead bat inside. He leaned over and was stunned to see the bat moving and twitching inside the box.

The Doctor concluded that the demon spirit was drawn to the dead bat and had in fact possessed the bat. After several moments the bat stopped moving. The air was warm and the Doctor felt fine. He knew that he had witnessed a spectacular spirit phenomenon. Malevolent spirits drawn to the Chiroptera. He would go on to witness the phenomona many times in his life, using the "ghost bat" to capture the demons. A practice he became well known for in darker circles.

The effect can be done with any coil prop from the Spiritus Magnus (and new Spiritus Maximus)to Darkboard and Hobbs box and can be done very well with any large magnet like an M-5 which is ideal.

The bat can be removed from the box for additional presentations.

Each bat and box are hand made by outlaw effects

4/17/14 In Stock!

W.O.O."Received mine today, and have only played with it for a little bit just using a PK ring, and my larger wrist ma**et...this thing is wonderful. I can't even imagine what it will do on my Hobbs Box.

The quality of the "cage" is what you would expect from Outlaw...perfect...but the bat beat my expectations by a long shot. I've had several real bats in my house that I've had to trap and take outside...and this one emulates them quite well. And when it moves, it moves just a wiggle and a squirm rather than a jump.

I think having the wire cover pushing down on it when the creature wants to leap helps to create a very believable writhing movement. Very eerie and organic. 

Bravo Outlaw. Quality, affordable, spooky, creepy fun. "