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Recently acquired from the estate of Dr. Hans Berlitz. A fully functional Re-Animator, circa 1915. Dr. Berlitz experimented in re-animating small animals like bats and parts of animals such as a monkeys paw.

It was also rumored that he could use the machine to teleport in-animate objects and open holes into other dimensions. The device comes inside an old aged wood box (and itself is primarily wood) about 14 by 12 inches and 14 inches tall. It has laboratory labels in German on the box.

When you unlatch the bottom, the top of the box pulls off to reveal the Re-Animator.
A machine with working brass gauge, dials, switches, lights, plasma chamber, sound and even a working smoke exhaust pipe.

The machine is activated by inserting a key into the lower front control panel. The second tier of the device has an "engine" made of wood on the outside with lights, brass tubes, steam vent and an active "plasma" chamber.

Sitting next to the "engine" is a scientific bell jar dome. It is connected to the machine by various brass tubes and electrical wires.

You are provided with a "specimen". A tiny dead bat preserved yet still has fur on it and is slightly decayed. It is hand made with hand stitched fur and 100% real looking. Trust me, your spectators will not want to touch this bat.
It is lying on a clear glass petrie style dish. You place the dish with bat inside the glass dome.

From the machine you pull out two electrical aged cotton covered cords. On the end of each cord is a conducting probe that you have a volunteer grasp in their fist. You explain that "this will drain a small amount of your life force into the device, you might get a little light headed, but don‘t worry, it will be over very quickly“.

You insert the brass key and fire up the machine.

Within a few moments the machine begins going through its systems "power up" phases. The dead bat starts to twitch and convulse as "lifeforce" is drained into the machine through the hand held probes. It appears you have successfully given some “life” to the previously dead creature. After several moments you tell the spec to release the probes.

They release the probes they‘ve been grasping in their hand and the bat stops moving.

Just as everyone starts to relax, the bat suddenly flies up off the dish with one last residual burst of life. And then crumples in a dead heap.

I think you guys can actually charge people to see the Re-Animator in action

Each unit is numbered

This item is not discountable

Re-Animator is a limited edition of 100 units

Doc DI received the first RA a couple of days ago...those of you who made the purchase you're going to be soooo glad you did. Those of you who are waiting for messages like this may not want to wait too much longer.

My RA arrived...I unpacked it...put it together..."loaded" it...and I was taken to another realm when my new RA began to work its magic. The photo's you guys have seen on this forum and on the Outlaw not do this fantastic machine justice.

When I inserted the key that begins the RA to immediately starts giving off these fantastic's sorta like moving parts...but at the same time...the sounds are more than that.

Then the lights begin to come on...then the plasma chamber comes on...the needle in the gage begins to move...and then the best part...! The bat laying on its small back begins to twitch...move...and not only that...! But a faint but very noticable light flashes where the bat is twitching and moving.

Then...the bat trys to fly up and away. You gotta see this to appreciate how utterly cool and fantastic the RA is in person.

My sincere thanks to Rick, Tim, and the Professor...the Re-Animator is a reputation is without a doubt the best investment I've made to date in any kind of magic apparatus. You guys did a fantastic j-o-b on this machine...and my top hat is off to you guys...congratulations on a job well done.

Continued Success...