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Santa Cruz

A very old legend, which tells of a place somewhere on the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee where Jesus drove a host of demons who were Legion from a tormented man and into the bodies of pigs, then cast them into the Abyss or, as we know it today, hell.

At some point, perhaps during the second century, a simple wooden crucifix was place on this spot to keep those demons sealed in the Abyss. Then, one day, despite the crucifix, the Abyss burst open of its own accord and, just as described in the Book of Revelation, “there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace,” heralding the return of the demons. Once the smoke had darkened the sun and the air, the demons would step forth and ride on it to spread themselves throughout the land. Only one thing stood in their way.

The wooden crucifix.

The smoke had to first pass over the crucifix as it travelled upward. But it couldn’t. Instead it clung to the crucifix, engulfing it, but unable to move any further. Meanwhile the demons came out from the Abyss into the smoke where they were trapped. So great was their struggle that the force sent the crucifix, with the smoke imprisoned demons, crashing into the Abyss and when it did, the opening was once again slammed shut.

The next day, there was no evidence of the cataclysmic event that had occurred. No opening. No smoke. Nothing.

Except a wooden crucifix placed on the spot to keep demons sealed in the Abyss.

Nearly 2000 years later, in a room filled with people, a planchette suddenly slides across a Talking Board. A chill hopscotches from person to person as each senses the presence of evil. Then a scent begins to permeate the room. Something is smoldering. It's the smell of burning wood.

And there, hanging on a wall, is an old wooden cross, smoke emanating from its fringes. This symbol of faith is being tormented by whatever malevolent forces have found their way here.

Yet, though singed by the encounter, the cross not only survives, but prevails.

This is no legend. This is Santa Cruz...

The first remote controlled smoking cross. It can be hung on a wall, held in the hand or lay it flat on a table. With a range of 50 feet or more it's perfect for stage or parlor. A "fringe" effect for any bizarre or séance performance. You never draw attention to the cross. Let the spectators "discover" the strange phenomena.

The cross is 9 inches tall and the cross bar is 6 inches across. The cross is 1 inch thick

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