Outlaw Effects Presents Spiritas
(Mini S.M.!)

This "baby brother" of the S.M. and Spiritus Maximus, has two electro coils and more bang than the original S.M.! All under your control hands free.

Includes the Pendulum/ Spirit bell rig.

Ask a question of the spirit. The bell rings loud and crisp in response.
Replace the bell with the pendulum and ask a question. The pendulum silently swings toward Yes. Ask another question to the spirit and the pendulum swings toward No. The answers are under your control hands free at all times.

Remove the bell/pen rig and use various gaffed item accessories for additional presentations on top of the box.

This beautiful little piece is a mere 7 x 7 inches. With the small size and full size drawer filled with items this is an exceptionally deceptive piece.

Rig, pendulum and bell, dowels, Witch Runes and even a deck of my tarot cards all fit completely in the drawer for easy storage and easy traveling. Comes with a skeleton key for the drawer. The bell/pendulum rig is small enough to keep in a Pouch if you like, freeing up the drawer for all the additional items that can also be used like the gaffed Witch Runes, Tarot decks, Hobbs hand etc

The Hobbs Hand can also be used with this utility prop. It will rap on the Spiritas. The Witch runes can be stacked on the Spiritas. Use the combined "telekinetic" powers of your audience to make the stack collapse! Place the Tip Urn on the Spiritas and at any time cause it to fall over (spilling ashes out!)
We also have a 4 inch spirit cross. Antique cross that will fly off the Spiritas