Stella May

Outlaw Effects and Vince Lowe present Stella May


The last time anyone remembered seeing the table was inside The Temple of Knowledge and that was over 70 years ago.

It belonged to Mdm. X a very well known fortune teller in New Orleans. Seen below in photos for the first time since 1943 is the original Mdm. X table used for over 40 years by Miss Stella May (Mdm. X).

Stella May Deluxe Folk Art Madame X Edition



Stella May is a 24 inch diameter "Cafe style" pedestal table. It easily seats two and can accommodate four if needed.

The deluxe Madame X folk art edition is hand painted

Both editions use the exact same table style and inner werks

It has 3 super coils built into the solid wood table top (not a veneer). They are repeating coils (3-6 second re-fire)

Un-gaffed open little boxes suddenly "toss" items inside, out of the box, when placed on the table..

Items casually placed on the table now move in strange ways as if being touched by spirits.

A candle is suddenly knocked off the table.

A spirit bell that rang when placed on the Hobbs Box, rings again a few moments later, after being placed down on the table.

The table top itself can be removed from the pedestal and used like a talking board. All the werks are contained in the table top.

Stella May is the ultimate utility item, with its three hidden coils to enhance every presentation and prop.

Can be easily disassembled into 3 pieces for transporting.

2-4 week delivery time-5/6/16