The Darkboard

Outlaw Effects Presents

The Darkboard

The Darkboard

The Darkboard from Outlaw Effects

A vintage hand made, hand aged and hand painted Talking Board circa 1930's

Our most advanced electronics with built in sensors and two super coils allowing for a hands free single remote system!.

The board measures a full 20 inches long and 14 inches wide. It is only 5/8's of an inch thick

Smooth gliding planchette included. The planchette will slide across the board, it will turn and it will fly up off the board. All these actions are completely under your control at all times. This is not a pre-set program.

It will do these movements from two different places on the board. There is a coil built in above the Yes and another coil built in above the No.

Runs on only 4 batteries! Easy access by way of a secret panel that opens and the battery tray slides out.

The Spiritus Magnus bell and the Hobbs box bell will ring on The Darkboard

We will offer a spirit bell and stand accessory for $30. Email me if you would like one.
This item is not discountable

Ships in 2-3 weeks 5/6/16

Pete LegendReceived mine today - It looks incredible! I'm over the moon with it. I've not really dealt much with Rick or indeed Outlaw in the past but that's going to change!

I'm doing a piece with a couple of "popstars" here in Ireland within the next few weeks and plan on doing a seance related performance with them. The board will play a huge part within the planned presentation. I'll post the footage on this thread

It's a beautiful work of art and so simple to use/perform. When that planchette jumped for the first time I also jumped about a foot in the air! Also Rick sent me on the Bell and Stand and wow when that bell rings it's bound to send shivers up the spine

Im delighted with the board,it's look,the technical performance and with the fantastic customer service. In fact so happy with everything that I've also ordered the hard cover Dekranom. Absolute pleasure interacting with Rick and could'nt be happier with my Dark Board. Great stuff lads!! Looks to be one of my best ever investments and to think I was on the fence with it!
A very satisfied, Pete Legend
Sean-Paul I just got my Darkboard today - Thanks Rick and Tim for the great job!

I really have to say I felt like a 5 year old child on Christmas morning - and I really think that this could be one of the most beautiful props that I have ever purchased - so far.

I have to say that I really like the old rustic look of the Dark board. I also like the extremely stream lined appearance and that everything is made of wood - which could really trouble the skeptics in the crowd - trying to figure it out.

Speaking of figuring out - that is the best part when you take ownership of this beauty - trying to find all the hot spots and really getting to know the board - and watching it respond in different ways. My wife laughed at me because I would jump when it flew off the board. I am hoping that my audience will have the same reaction.

This no doubt will only be the first of many things I will be purchasing from Outlaw Effects!