Outlaw Presents Tarot of the Dark Dawn




Tarot of the Dark Dawn is an original art twenty two card arcana deck. Hand aged and printed on very special 200 pound stock.

The cards measure 5 x 3 inches. They are marked and one way. They arrive with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

DDT is a limited edition of 150 units.
9 units left!! 10/31/14 and its gone!

TH1Okay, so I’ve had these for about 3 hours. They taunt me as I try to finish up my day’s work. I periodically wander over to them to slide them from hand to hand, looking at their images, imagining the stories they might tell.

My wife wanders in and startles me. I sheepishly admit it’s a new acquisition... She asks to look at them...she ponders the images... “these are creepy...old...I like them...” “How much?,” she asks. I reveal the price...she looks at the cards again “not bad,” she says, leaving me to my generally harmless vice.

So, some quick observations in the brief time I’ve had these cards:

The photos on the Outlaw Effects site are very good representations of the cards...what they don’t convey is the tactile “oldness” in your hands. These are thick cards...about twice as thick as the Carnie Tarot.

They have the feel of years of prior use...not greasy, and certainly not plastic-feeling...just...well...“old” feeling. These look and feel as if they’ve been put to use by prior mediums and tarot readers, over multiple generations. The colors are muted, the cards are very faded, and add to the intrigue of reading them. They give the sense of many, many years of use, storing many, many stories of fortune and misfortune.

Clearly a lot of love went into creating these. If you don’t have a set of these yet, and you have any interest in Tarot readings or just a creepy conversation starter for your collection, the cards tell me that you would do well to secure a set immediately.
RCPIf you have ever seen or handled real cards from the 1800’s then you know what these feel like. They are more faded (aged) then some of the photos here.

They fit in your Hobbs box or the Spiritus, they belong there!

What is the age of these cards? My impression is they were made sometime in the 1800’s??? I am not an expert but some subtitles make an earlier dating difficult. Perhaps these are Luna Rose’s cards or marketed by Hobbs in the 1930’s.

They have werks accessible from the front or back on the days your intuition may be lacking.

If you like dolls there are some options here.
They're old, but in good condition!
Collector or performer will appreciate them.

Looch After seeing these in the flesh I can safely say these cards are stunning.
The art work is fantastic, they look circa 1920-1930's. Every card draws you in, looking for the little details, my personal favorite is the "Lovers"
card, brilliant!

Oh and the smell.............Orange oil?
Brilliant deck

Magic Cafe Today my set, along with Karl's DDT tarot box found its way to me. I'm so glad that these are now in my hands.
You'll want to set a good amount of time aside to allow yourself to closely examine and enjoy all the wonderful artwork on each DDT card.
Love the size that Roth decided upon, these feel great in my large claws. The faded and worn aging on these cards make them quite special.
I also appreciate the thickness of the card stock they used. I am actually tempted to order an additional set that I would use in a framed collage board. I think a framed array of these on my wall would be a great way to display all this beautiful art.
In regards to the box, it was such a good move. I cannot stress enough, that no matter what future shipping costs will be, it will be soooo worth it! The DDT Box is really well done and makes the pairing of both perfect.
I should also mention that the card back design compliments the whole DDT creation. Superb job guys!

Paul Just got my DDT today - and wow!
The artwork is stunning, and like a good wine they are aged to perfection.
The faint orange smell is very unusual, but cool, and like no other aged prop.
The included bag is well made and looks great with the cards. Others have mentioned the thickness of the cards, but you really have to have these in
your hands to appreciate how heavy they are. They look like they came right out of a musty old trunk in the family attic.

I haven't popped for a DDT box yet, but I can see one in my future. At least I think so - wait, let me do a quick reading. . .
Great job Rick and Cody! Guys, get these while you can!

LS Okaayyyy... my Dark Dawn Tarot came in today! Simply put, it's fantastic! The faces of the cards are beautiful - the colours are perfect and the images contain a lot more symbolism than I expected.

The backs are really very authentic-looking and the little something extra isn't apparent until it is, then it's as easy as pie. This is my fourth Outlaw product and is immediately upon receipt tied with The Teller for my fave.

Thanks Rick and Cody.