The Dark Slate

ThE DaRk SlAtE


Castle Rock Elementary was where they found it. Right there in Miss Desjardine's classroom. Leaning against the side of her desk, right where she always kept it. I remember how we would cringe when she reached for that thing.

She would write some complicated equation only Einstein could solve, and then walk right up to a student and say "Solve this" and put the slate and chalk in your hand before you could say a word, not that a protest mattered to Miss Desjardine.

Or she would place the slate board on your desk and say "Spell the word "presumptuous" or some word that was just impossible to spell under pressure. If you didn't know how to solve it, spell it or translate it, you got to spend an hour after school silently sitting up straight in your chair while Miss Desjardine sat at her desk silently knitting, the sound of the clock second hand ticking in slow motion. Tick tick tick.

We hated that slate board. It terrified us.

20x14 inch full size antique class slate

2 super coils

1/2 inch thick

Silent "werks"

More shortly!!