The Hobbs Hand

Outlaw Effects Presents

Hobbs Hand

The Hobbs Hand is hand sculpted with a precise fulcrum allowing for a smooth up and down rapping motion.
Designed to fit in and work on the Hobbs Box. It will also rap hands free on the Darkboard and Spiritus Maximus. Beautifully made with an aged faux crackle porcelain finish that is unique to each hand produced.

HH is 5 inches long and 3 inches wide.

There is also a method that can be used to make the hand rap on almost any table surface.

In 1937 a nine year old girl named Charlotte Carlotta was brought to the attention of one Cornelius Hobbs. Little Charlotte had the uncanny ability to spirit write messages from beyond. She would go into a deep trance and scribble answers on a piece of paper from those recently deceased.

Hobbs was so impressed he took a mold of the little "lefties" hand and had it cast in porcelain.
To his dismay he soon learned that Charlotte was a fraud. Her mother had sadly enough used the child to support the family, traveling the carnie route across the south fleecing those who wanted to believe.

Oddly enough Hobbs discovered that the cast hand seemed to have the true power.

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