The Toybox




A shower of rocks fell from the heavens into the River Jordan...

The Toybox:

It is a spirit/demon catcher.  It once belonged to a Priest that used it at exorcisms over a hundred years ago.

Inside the box is a small arcane device and stone, a stone that fell from heaven into the River Jordan. It is a blessed stone in a blessed box.

What ensues is a battle between good and evil inside the box.

During a seance or "demon raising" performance, an evil spirit has found its way into the room. The malevolent entity is causing fear and chaos. It must be contained. You are fortunate to have the Toybox.

The box can be shown to the participants and handled by them if you're so inclined, while you explain what it is. It can be set on the table or anywhere in the room. The panels are then placed back over the windows. During your performance you never have to touch the box again until you decide to remove the panels.

Suddenly the spirit becomes trapped in the mirrored box. The first sign are random rapping sounds inside.

It's not mechanical. It's the "heaven stone" moving around in the box "fighting" the spirit. You then remove the side circular panels and you can now see eerie flashes of ethereal light inside the box and an object flying around (the heaven stone). 
But.. there is also an "ethereal" spirit "vapor" essence now visible in the box being attacked by the stone. The spirit cannot be destroyed, but it can be weakened to the point where it is powerless and only the physical manifestations remain.

You place the panels back on the box and hope the sounds will cease, and they do. You remove the panels and the box is now dark and peaceful.

Good has prevailed. You unlatch the top and open the box and this burnt smelling smoke wisps from the box (the defeated spirit, now harmless). You are safe.

The Toybox is 7x7x7 inches
Both box and rock apparatus are completely examinable before and after performance.
The entire system, flying rock, the malevolent manifestation and ethereal lights works off one remote.
The rock will fire repeatedly with every push of the remote automatically re-setting itself.

Custom engraved Toybox- additional $120.00 please email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Limited Edition of 100 units

Limited Edition of the Outlaw Effects TOYBOX

in collaboration with the Carcosa Collection:


Limited run of 23 handcrafted artifacts

The Carcosa Yellow Sign, associated motifs and backstory © Bruce Ballon used with permission

The box’s age was unknown… the artisan unknown… its purpose… unknown.

This sinister relic has passed through the hands of various occultists, collectors of the arcane, and investigators of the bizarre. Most who have had it in their possession for a time have either gone mad or died under horrible circumstances.

The Yellow Signs emblazoned upon its surfaces…signified that this artifact was clearly cursed… worst than cursed.

The only existing account of the powers of the item was written by the Abbot Baruch, reported to dabble with alchemy and demonology:

“The Reliquary of Carcosa is mine at last. Its mirrored interior does reflect and connect into the gallery of shadows of the Palace itself. I have been able to materialize and solidify the nightmare essence – the bedrock of Carcosa itself, with the proper rituals. The substance brought forth is alive… it moves… it can change its shape… and allows the light of the twin suns of the Hyades to shine forth. I can sometimes even detect the scent of the alien worlds the reliquary is a bridge to… “

The Abbot Baruch was reported one day to run through the academy, a dark substance covering him, consuming him… falling in front of his peers he literally dissolved into a puddle of nightdark ooze that then shimmered into nothingness.

Now the Reliquary has come into YOUR possession… dare you unlock its secrets?

To go deeper into the darkness of the Yellow Sign, Carcosa and the Pallid Mask… please follow this link into madness: