Ultimate Witch Box

Outlaw Effects and Doctor X presents Ultimate Witch Box 2.0!

Now with a duel coil for both shaking and power blast! Now with a hands free Bluetooth remote for greater distance!



Designed to hold the Witch's Almanac the Ultimate Witch Box is the third in our Witch Box line and the first gaffed Witch box.

One of or smallest coil boxes at just 7 inches across and under 4 inches deep. It will hold the soft or hardcover Witch books (or any two hardcover books) and various small trinkets.

Hand aged and hand engraved Astaroth symbol. Includes a brass hasp for locking away your special possessions.

It is under your control hands free at all times. All the accessories on the Spiritas page will also work on the Ultimate Witch box, including our spirit bell and stand.

We also do custom versions like a Waverly Hills or Colney Hatch versions