Ultimate Witch Box

Ultimate Witch Box 2.0 $425.00 plus $30 shipped domestic

Ultimate Witch Box 2.0 $425 plus $60 Int. shipping

V.2 Witch Box In stock 12/2/17 !

Ultimate Witch Box

Outlaw Effects and Doctor X presents Ultimate Witch Box 2.0!

Now with a hands free Bluetooth remote for greater distance!

Witch Box 2.0 now has the dual coil included. Allows you to use either a "shaking" mode or a "full blast" mode. Both options are controlled hands free in performance!

Now with a Bluetooth remote system for greater range

Aged pine wood and antiqued. It will holds the spirit bell, Candle holder and candle (included) Luna books, Dekranom, Carnie cards etc.

Each box includes the hidden engraved and silver filled Astaroth symbol under the candle stand. The stand is not attached to the box.

The box has our new 2.0 dual powerful electro-magnetic coil built into the lid and will ring the bell, blow a Relic off the top, make a PK ring dance across the top, or any "supernatural" phenomenon you may be inspired to create.

The perfect "utility" box for all your bizarre performance needs.

This item has an encrypted code and will not trigger any other Outlaw devices and cannot be triggered by any devices.

All 2.0 props now use Bluetooth tech in our remote hands free systems. Included.

It is a very solid box. 100% examinable. No wires going to the lid hehehe.

Includes The brass spirit bell and stand, and the candle holder and candle. It comes looking just like the photos.

Doctor X says he has two in stock now! 12/3/17