Whitechapel Case File

Outlaw Effects and Vic Nadata Present

The Whitechapel Case File


D. Sw@nson has been looking forward to retirement for years. However fate handed him a cruel turn. This was not the way he wanted to retire.

Ghastly Murders

Unsolved Case

However Chief Inspector Sw@nson, walked out of Metropolitan Police headquarters with his head held high. He was not giving up. He was going to solve those heinous crimes. Armed with the original case file filled it with notes and photos. Even with the best of intentions, the hours slowly turned into days and days to weeks and weeks to months and finally years. And with those years came insanity. His family would see him rummaging over his case file, reading notes and mumbling to himself. They said he was convinced that Jack the Ripper was leading him as well as taunting him mentally.

After his death, his case file was packed away and forgotten until a recent estate sale uncovered it.

This hand crafted leather case file, complete with the Chief Inspector’s initials. A spectator can reach into the case and choose any object they like. You will know what item they have chosen down to the detail. The Case is 100% Hand Crafted and Aged Leather.

Case Size - 12.5 Inches wide and 10.25 Inches High

Five Thousand Word Performance Manual with Multiple Routines

Please contact Vic Nadata at www.geminiartifacts.com directly for questions - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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