Jinn Box
Jinn Box

The year was 1930. His name was Maximillan but he went by Max. Max lived in Hells Kitchen New York. Max was quite a dashing figure. Always dressed to the T and always had a smile on his face.
He could be seen frequenting the local restaurants and night spots. Strangely enough he always just seemed to be there. No one ever really saw him arrive or leave, he was there, and then he wasn’t . No one knew what he really did, they assumed he was well off. Maybe he was a mobster or an investor of sorts, a business man maybe?

Max was a Jinn.
He lived in Hells Kitchen because it was near his favorite private club the Sanctum Society and the best Steak House in town was just down the street. Max was actually one of the founders of the Sanctum Society about 700 years ago. If you look closely at the Sanctum membership card, you can see a shadow on the table of a man wearing a fedora. That was Max. Yeah he was there that night, but that’s another story.

So a couple of hundred years after becoming a Jinn, Max was getting tired of granting the same wish requested over and over again, money, money, and more money.

Max decided he would help them ask for something he felt might be more meaningful to their lives. So he made four little plaques with many options on them for possible wishes’.

He would take out a small box containing the plaques and have a person chose one, with no knowledge of what was written on the other side. He’d tell them they must chose one of the wishes’ written on the other side of that plaque, and he would do his best to help them make that wish come true.
Max felt these were good choices, here’s a few:

Spiritual enlightenment
True love
Strength and wisdom
A second chance
just to give you an idea. Yes wealth was there too.

Now back to 1930. It just happened that the year 1930 was his one thousandth year as a Jinn. That meant Max had to retire from the wish biz. A forced retirement really, because he loved what he did and no one likes being told you can‘t do something anymore. In fact the Jinn union had been pushing for retirement at 1,500 years for a millennia, but no luck (ironic) 1,000 years and then it’s off to retirement in Florida.

So he decided his last act as a Jinn, would be to bestow upon humans, not his powers, but his little box of favorite wishes.
He found a worthy person and told them that they would always know what the chosen person would wish for, even before they revealed their wish. He told this person that they could not grant the wish outright, but they could possibly help the person achieve what they had wished for. They would have a chance to help many people if they possessed the box.

There were caveats to this gift. They could not change the choices on the plaques and they must pass the box and its powers to someone else after one year.

Max didn’t go to Florida. He stayed in Hells Kitchen. He finally got married and has a darling wife and lovely children, it’s a good life. Still loves magic and all things odd and bizarre, even collects these wonderful ventriloquist dolls, what he does with them I have no idea. I’ve never met Max.

He goes by a different name now that he’s retired, but he can still be seen walking the streets of Hells Kitchen, quite dashing with that Errol Flynn mustache and his ever present fedora.

I know this sounds incredible but it’s completely true. I can prove it, I have the box now. I’m the 81st recipient of this little wonder. Of course they are not wishes’ because I’m not a Jinn. I call them “windows”. Windows into what someone feels they need or lack in their lives. I’ve tried my best to help many people, but I have to pass it on now, my year is over. I must find someone soon to receive the box from me and carry on the work needed. Oh yes, here’s a picture.

The back of the plaques are just plain wood.

The spectator never says a word and there is no force

You will know the exact wish they are thinking of

The key is ingeniously designed by Tim Wisseman into the alchemical chart right on the lid!