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Outlaw Effects presents Etherica


It was called Etherica. At least that’s what Randolph Geran called the strange looking device he created to tap the aether’s energy and convert it into a usable power source. But some who saw Geran’s 1910 prototype called it a “fool’s folly,” and dismissed it as a waste of time and effort.

Geran was determined to prove them wrong. After all, his invention was solidly based on the well-respected research and writings of Hendrik Braun. True Etherica resembled the turn of the century machines Loritz and others built to harness ambient electricity in the aether, but it did something its rivals didn’t: it worked.

Geran was vexed by the device's mysterious behavior, which he carefully observed, making copious notes that included all the variables he could think of, from time of day to the temperature of the room. He even moved the model to different areas of the house and still it retained its random nature. Close friends and family members feared that Geran was becoming so obsessed that his reason was in jeopardy.

Finally, when science could yield no answer, Geran began to suspect that perhaps some sort of metaphysical factor was causing the machine to operate. Indeed, often when alone at night, Geran saw Etherica’s light flicker and immediately felt he was being watched by another presence in the room. Was it just a passing field of negative ions moving around the earth? Or was it something else, something far beyond the ability of man’s mind to grasp?

On one occasion Geran placed a locket with a picture of his beloved mother inside by Etherica. Later, back from an evening out, he found the light glowing brightly. He stood transfixed for several moments. basking in its brilliance and warmed by the sense that his mother was there. That’s when Geran knew the truth; he knew the origin of the energy that made the lamp work, and took that secret to the grave with him.

Meanwhile, over the decades, Geran’s prototype, along with several diaries and his lab notes, remained in his family, passed along to various members. Eventually it was auctioned off at an estate sale to a secret buyer and its whereabouts became unknown. Now, however, it has re-surfaced affording a second chance for Geran and his Etherica to receive the respect and honor they deserve and, in the right hands, an opportunity for the spirits of the machine to make themselves known!

The base is 4.5 x 4.5 inches and only a 1/2 inch thick. The total height to the top of the antenna is 7 inches.
Etherica comes in an aged wood box (Pictured).

The Spirit lamp is under your control hands free at all times. With our new tech you're able to control the light to create flickers, glowing and full brightness in any order or combination over and over again.

Included with Etherica are "original" schematics and notes by the creator of the device. The names on the webpage have been changed, you will receive authentic names of those that experimented with this concept. Those names should be used in your presentation.
Please allow 2-3 weeks to ship. Each unit is hand made.




A.M."I have just received the Etherica and wanted to post my thoughts. The workmanship is the usual high standards that we have come to expect from Outlaw Effects. I will also say that it was shipped in a timely manner.
I am very pleased with this prop to say the least. It looks far more authentic when in hand, and has the single most devious workings that I have seen in a spirit lamp/buzzer (I have 8 in my collection).

What I love about this lamp is that there is no visible battery, nor any place where a battery could be hidden. The lamp weighs next to nothing, and can be thoroughly examined.

The prop can be utilized in a number of ways, including the traditional spirit communication device for a seance Q&A or perhaps as a warning device that detects increased levels of spirit energy in the room, or from small personal objects placed underneath the unit on the platform.

It does not even have to be associated with the supernatural. It could just be a strange "steam punk" invention that you could use in an exhibit at a Steam punk convention or as part of a traveling medicine show.

I think this is one of the best spirit lights out there and I cannot recommend this prop enough!"