Outlaw Effects Presents: The Head of Alhazred

In your possession is what is believed to be the mummified head of the Mad Poet of Yemen, Abdul Alhazred. The place in which it was discovered is not to be named, but the power it holds over time, space and those who possess it are profound and disturbing.

Found alongside a true translation of the Book of Dead Namesh otherwise known as the Necronomicon.

From tales of his worship of terrible Gods, to his fabled discovery of Irem the City of Pillarsh in the Nameless Dessert, his exploits have been numerous and unparalleled including cavorting with demons and every manner of dark and stygian beast.

Seen by many in his time as being in league with the Ancient Ones and as the decidedly evil Author of the infamous Necronomicon, Abdul Alhazred was, in fact, a grossly misunderstood figure; not the trafficker of horror that he was demonized as, but instead a warrior standing against the Hordes of Cthulhu and the Old Ones.

It's believed that this display case was made around 1929 and kept in a private collection in India until the late 1940's.

Throughout the centuries, heads similar to this have been used in occult and paranormal setting as a "conduit" to the spirit world, or other dimensions. On several occasions I've witnessed a mummified head being placed on the table in front of an empty chair. In occult circles, this is known as the 13th guest.

The head becomes the medium at the table, silently summoning the spirits forth...

Each head is head is full sized, hand made and unique. They will all look very similar to the head pictured.

The head can be removed from the case by simply unlatching the lid of the case. When in the case it is secured by the pedestal and will not move.

The jaw is articulated and it can be opened or closed for display in the case.

The case is a stunning "antique" museum quality display box that stands 13 inches tall with the head centered on a pedestal, that raises it a bit to allow the jaw to hang open like the first picture above, if you desire that look.

The case comes with an aged plaque. The default plaque reads: Excavated in 1927 from the crypt of "Abdul Alhazred". Buyers can email me for a custom engraved plaque at no extra charge. Maximum 2 lines.

The case and head weigh a total of 13 pounds

If you are a Lovecraft or Cthulhu follower and would like to add a wonderful artifact to your show or collection, we think we have something you will thoroughly enjoy...for centuries

Please allow 2 weeks to ship. These are hand made. We are producing 4 units now.

This is a numbered limited edition of 75 units.

This stunning "artifact" can be used in countless presentations and genres. When combined with additional props from Outlaw or other sources for a bizarre presentation, the head of Alhazred will, as is, surely steal the show.

For those that want a little more (than a 2,000 year old mummified head in a museum display case:>) We have an animatronic version. The head is completely self contained and werks by remote control inside or outside of the display box.