The Outsider

The Outsider
The Outsider....Mark 2! Full mirror-

"Cast out of his old existence, the narrator now rides with the "mocking and friendly ghouls on the night wind," forever and officially an outsider since the moment he stretched his fingers towards the creature in the room and felt nothing but the "cold and unyielding surface of a polished glass mirror."


The year was 1887. Lillian MacAvoy was celebrating her 10 birthday at the family home in upstate New York. Many family and friends were in attendance that evening, talking ,singing and having a rather raucous time, considering all the young children.

Lillian was in her back bedroom admiring the pretty little table top Vanity her Uncle had made for her birthday. She put her brush and combs in the drawer and gazed into the little mirror.

She thought it was just big enough to see a face perfectly framed. She loved it. Sadly, her birthday party was about to come to a terrifying end.

What happened in the next few minutes was both shocking and life changing for Lillian. She heard the screams coming from the front rooms, screams of children and family. She could hear people running from the house in fear. She blew out all but one candle and crouched in a corner terrified.

Her bedroom door was violently flung open as a figure in a hooded cloak rushed in shouting "I must get out, I must get out there is a monster here, there is a monster!!"
Lillian was frozen with fear as she stared at the shadowy figure panicking as it tried to find its way around the dark room.

It knocked into her table and a beam of moonlight hit the mirror of her little vanity and reflected back an image of the frightened intruders face, an image they were both seeing for the first time.

As it looked into the mirror, Lillian heard the creature scream "Nooooooo, it can't be! Nooooooo!". She covered her eyes as the creature screamed over and over again. Then, suddenly, there was silence. She opened her eyes and it was suddenly gone.

Several days later, after recovering from the horrifying incident, Lillian realized that it didn't know, it didn't know what it really was. It must have seen itself for the first time in her mirror that night. She even felt like it had never seen another human before too.

It was never seen again, in person that is. Lillian claimed for years that somehow it went into her mirror that night; and sometimes she sees it in her mirror, but only for a second, if you blink your eyes you'd miss it. Sometimes she says she sees other strangers in her mirror too...

The Outsider can be used in several different types of presentations. The backstory above is based on the Lovecraft story The Outsider. In this backstory the creature goes into the mirror and is known to appear from time to time, momentarily.

This would be a "haunted mirror" bizarre presentation.

The Outsider can also be used as the "13th Guest" at the seance table. Place it on the table in front of an empty chair and let the mirror act as a portal to the spirit world. The "spirit" inside becomes the medium at the table.

These are a couple of examples of what The Outsider can be used for. Of course being a little girls folk art vanity, it can be tied in with several of the little girl themed books and props we carry.

As with Forever and the Polly doll, one of our personal favorite ruse's, is the "did I just see that?" moment. Did she just look at me? Was she facing the other way? Did that doll really just look out the window??"

It's that "Twilight Zone" moment where you're not sure if something really bizarre just happened. With The Outsider we did lots of testing and based on that, and our professional opinions, a manifestation would require a great amount of ethereal energy to happen. This amount of energy, if possible, would only allow for a momentary "glimpse" into another realm.

Combine that with the "did I just see that?" ruse, and you have a demon or ghost or words, appear almost subliminally for less than a second in the mirror. Enough to completely freak anyone out, and enough to let just one person see the image, if you like. Now you have someone claiming to have seen something that no one else saw. Very powerful stuff when a credible witness sees something no one else saw, right in front of them.

You can remove a Hobbs bell and stand from the drawer and place it above the drawer and ring it hands free

The drawer will hold several items that can be used during a performance. Bell, stand, tarot decks, or brushes and combs that Lillian left there...

The mirror and frame can be placed on the cabinet during performance and taken off the cabinet during performance, if desired. It is not connected to the dowels or base, it just sits on the dowels..

The image is controlled hands free from a second remote. It can be made to appear anytime you want. Less is more of course.

The artwork can be changed easily between performances. We include The face seen in the video.

We will also do custom art on request for an additional charge

Actual mirror and frame is 9 x 7 inches

The Outsider is perfect for Parlor, seance and stage settings. Any lighting werks.

This item is not discountable