Introducing The Doctor

The Doctor I'd like to introduce The Doctor. He's not a time lord, but he does have crazy skills with a screwdriver. The Doctor (Psychology) is one of those rare builders with artistic ability, technical wizardry and years of experience.

He didn't build model cars when he was a kid, he built computers.

The Doctor did high end corporate shows for ten years, using many props and devices he built. His "day job" was as an independent contractor to Verizon, Samsung and Apple. He did coding for many years. There are smart phone components inside our new De-Constructed Cube.

The Doctor has been with us for over 6 months now. He is well versed in the outlaw products. He has been mentored through the past several months. He's part of the team that will continue to produce the classic outlaw props on our menu.

The Doctor brings his own style and a variety of awesome tech including coils, touch tech, RFID tech and the new Cube smart phone tech. Along with our classic items we will be producing new props like The Cube!


Check out the huge range of specialised Outlaw products, only available from us!
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