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Outlaw Effects & Gary Kriss



Back story:

Ash is a Case Study of the journal of 9 year old Emma K. re-produced by N.I.M.H institute for the study of childhood schizophrenia. Childhood schizophrenia is a real albeit extremely rare occurrence. Cases under the age of 10 are considered the rarest and most damaging occurrences of this sickness.

In 1960 9 year old Emma K. appeared fairly normal except for some mild social issues. She received a journal from her mother that Christmas. Emma was an only child.

Emma was not serious about writing in her journal at first. She would go a day or two or three without making any entries in the journal. Then in late February tragedy struck when her father was killed in a car accident.

Shortly after the accident Emma becomes compulsive about making daily entries. She starts to mention a new friend in her journal. Unusual because Emma had no friends and was socially awkward to say the least. The journal entries start to change almost immediately, and grow darker and darker. Little drawings by Emma become more and more disturbing as her "relationship" with Ash evolves into the depths of her schizophrenia.

Ash is a journey into the mind of a child schizophrenic with M.P.D. coping with a tragedy and her eventual surrender to her sickness.

In 1975 the actual journal was acquired by a Psychiatrist at the National Institute of Mental Health. He was so taken with the book he felt it should be a case study.

In 1979 the journal was re-produced as a hard cover Case Study. Ash is linear. It can be read from start to finish.

There are entries that you can reveal. There are drawings that you can reveal. There are many little subtleties that can be revealed.

You never peek the book, you never ask for a page number or entry date.

The scans are of the actual hand written and hand drawn pictures.

This is both a book test and an art piece so to speak

The book is a limited edition of 150 units. Each unit comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity.
IN STOCK still! 6/20/17!

Cafe Review: American Crow Received mine a few days ago. It's taken a while to sink in. Truly amazing! A tour de force. 

Well now. Here we have another disturbing and ingenious production from the febrile mind of OE. The heart breaking journey of a girl into madness is captured in stark and slowly evolving her own words! The book is a genuine masterpiece. For those at play at the edge of reason the book is essential; for those that take a narrower path the book still should be a part of every collection. 

Do not be caught without this one. 


Cafe Review: OzI received my copy of Ash yesterday, but only finally had time to look at it today. This may be Outlaw Effects' magnum opus, as it truly is a piece of dark art. The quality of the book is what you would expect from OE, but that is not what blew me away. It’s the story. 

Rick Roth (with help from counsels Gary Kriss and Bobby Hasbun) has written and drawn the book in a masterful way, with layers of reveals that are as disturbing as the tale itself. The diary begins with periodic and sporadic entries that are mundane and what you would expect from a 9 year old girl, “mommy and me made cookies.” But as the journal continues and Alice's condition worsens as she slowly descends into darkness, the entries are more frequent and desperate. The writing and pictures are sloppier and drawn with a heavier hand.

The book opens with a foreword by a Dr. Robert J. Strauss, which is in fact a letter to his colleagues inviting commentary on this discovered document. The back story is a perfect one, as it allows there to be Case Study Observation pages at the end of each month in the journal. These pages are blank on both sides permitting you to enhance the effect with additional notes and reveals. 

Since every page is individually hand-drawn and unique, there is no evidence of anything amiss. The journal can be read from cover to cover with no danger of discovering any gaffs or tells. The system employed will be familiar to many, and easy to use, which is exactly what you want for an evocative performance piece like this. The reveals are designed to become increasingly more disturbing as they are described, and this is enhanced by the unique nature of the content. Unlike standard book tests which are typeset, designed, and printed consistently from front to back with no change in texture or tone, Ash visually evolves as it progresses. This enables you as a performer to not only make contextual revelations, but conditional ones as well.

You can describe how Alice is recording her thoughts more often, writing heavier and more quickly…repeating words…she is desperate to get her thoughts out. Her pictures are becoming morbid, even violent. She is changing and the book reflects that. Other book tests can't offer these layers of emotional texture. Ash can. And does. 
The English say, “Good things come to those who wait.” Well we’ve waited, and Ash is a very, very good thing.

Cafe Review: ArmymagicSo my copy of ASH arrived yesterday, and really all I can say is that there needs to be a warning label on the front if this book. Took the time to read through the case study front to back with one or two of my friends. One if them continually asked to pause on the readings as he (prior Army Ranger with combat experience) was getting a little too freaked out.

I'll be honest, I haven't even looked at the method yet, the book is too amazing just on its own. By reading though it, you will take a genuine ride through a young girls psychosis and eventual defeat . It's dark, intriguing, spooky, disturbing, and in a few places just plain wrong! It truly can be read front to back by the way, but it's almost like reading a LSD users diary, but knowing it was written by a very young girl makes it all the disturbing! 

I predict that ASH will become a cornerstone of many acts in the following year. This is truly a masterpiece!

Cafe Review: themaurieWow, wow, wow!

Mine arrived today so I of course blew off all work and appointments to take a quick look. That quick look turned into a cover to cover read followed by another cover to cover read. I knew this one would be something special but the reality of it totally exceeds my crazy high expectations. It's magnificent, beautiful and very creepy. It totally works as a book on it's own. Very haunting and very cool. The art is amazing! Won't spoil anything but there is one drawing on one entry that's worth the price of the book alone. It's great. Get it if you can.

Now going to read it again

Cafe Review: Doc BenzWoo-hoo, got mine today!

  As suggested by Rick I went right into reading the book straight through cover to cover, without even flipping through or peeking ahead. The laborious artwork, quality of glossy paper and incredible design and variety in images makes this a great collectible piece.

BTW the cover and titles, with the introduction by the psychiatrist heading up the research project are ingenious as far as lending credibility to the presentation

Another strength of this creation is the flexibility and variation of themes, routine, "jazziness" for creative performance.  

The forum will no doubt be a tremendous value, especially as inspired owners contribute their tips, observations and "out of the box" ideas. 

Cafe Review: AnthonyJD Ash arrived today! I was leaving for the doctor and the mailman did a hand-off . I ripped it opened and went through it briefly . All I can say is everything is true ! This book is just unreal . Going to spend the night reading it cover to cover . Tomorrow is PDF day.

Well worth the wait. Thank you Rick