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Outlaw Effects Present The Dekranom

A Witch Book actually does exist. It's not a dark book of black magic, it's a "witchy" version of the old Farmers Almanac.

The actual Witches Book was started about 25 years ago. It's a rather light or "white" book read mostly by wiccan followers.

This book is dated 1938 well worn and a bit "darker" than the real book.




It is the largest of my aged book series at 5 1/2 by 4 1/2 inches, but still small enough for adding a bit of "spice" to your strolling act.

Bill and I consider "Witches" to be the crown jewel of my aged book series.

There are over 140 pages with over 30 illustrations.

I came up with a diabolical method for Witches that eliminates the need to have the spec ever say a word! That's right boys (and girls) They don't say a word, there is no fishing, they don't write anything down, and of course, you never peek the book.

On every right hand page there are 8 different "inner truths" (500 total in the book), on the left side are various "witchy pagan" illustrations and quotes.

These "inner truths" are made up of elements, emotions, guidence and "cures" that are specifically aimed at the reader.

They are designed to not only allow you to "see into their mind", but they give you information that will allow you to be "one ahead" for any cold reading you might want to do based on the entry they have chosen, an entry they will instantly internalize as relevant to only them.

There are hundreds of different "inner truths" in the book. These are not single lines of text,these entries are three or four lines each.

Witches allows you to duplicate an illustration in a very unique way.

It lets you reveal a quote you couldn't possibly know the spec is reading, it let's you reveal emotions the spec is experiencing and how they can overcome a negative experience.

The Witch book is 100% examinable. There are no "banks", no sevengali principle or short pages used.

You do not need to know a page number, you do not peek the book, and there is NO fishing.

The book is small enough to carry with you anywhere! You'll never leave home without it!

The method is so simple it will blow your mind.

The book has also been designed to be U.K. friendly!

Every page in the book is hand aged. The cover is aged and distressed

The book is a mentalism effect. It is perfect for those that want to add a little "mystique" to their set.

It is perfect for those that perform bizarre magic.

Bill and I designed this book to appeal to not only the professional performer, but the hobbiest as well, not to mention the collectors.

In stock 6/15/17


 "Witches is just THE ITEM I've been searching for!

It is made to perfection, and will bring a chill just to touch it. A great routine, and if you do it well, you can start your own religion with it!"

Deddy Corbuzier
Creator of "Free Will"

"The WITCHES'--WOW! WHAT an amazing work of Art!

I just got it yesterday and have been busy calling everyone I know and telling them to buy it.
Not only does it look old, dark and mysterious but it looks as if it had been left in the corner of a terribly secret attic room in an old abandoned Victorian mansion on the edge of a cemetery, with rats running over it for years and the roof leaking on it and dust and dirt gathering around it!

It is an amazing and very authentic looking old Witch book, sort of like your dream fantasy magic witch book, only better than what you might find in a movie because it actually looks REAL.

THIS Book just WOWS you visually, it has Such an authentic look about it. And Yet, it is small, something you actually CAN take with you everywhere.

WHAT BRILLIANT execution and planning for the Mentalist and hobbyist!

THIS is one VERY Extraordinary piece, really a work of sheer genius. I have spent quite a lot of money over the years looking for something this wonderful and never found it until now. Thank you Rick and Dr. Bill. What a HUGE Gift to the Mentalist Community!"


"My new copy of the Witch book is in the house!

In true Outlaw fashion, the product is unbelievably well made: aged to perfection (1938) and full of amazing images harking back to the era, including lots of great esoteric and metaphysical symbols, pictures (you will absolutely love all the multiple references), and quotations.

This looks like the real thing that would be 'found' hidden in a wall or locked away in a box for years. It also makes an interesting reference to the Sanctum Lodge (the existence of which has caused quite a debate on the Magic Cafe and here....)

The inner workings are pure genius and provide you with multiple presentational ideas for a variety of performance styles and settings (mentalism, bizarre, seance and reading work), which could really work well in tandem with other routines and effects.

You also get a 32-page manual written by Outlaw and Dr Bill suitably printed in the same size and feel of the book.

Hats off to Rick and Dr Bill!"


Dr Todd Landman, MMC
The Metaphysical Magician


I Give this 3 Alpha/Omegas out of 1.

Holy crap! This is *** *** *** good stuff!

Roth, you are one of the greatest of heroes for the realm of bizarre and mentalism! You and Dr. Bill have knocked this one out of the aether and into the hyperdimensional planes (where mankind has not yet trod)....

Besides the Something Wicked This Way Comes,.... you do realize of course this ties in CARNIVAL????

I also plan to tie this into the Incorruptible and Higley items I have...

Holy gosh bezeejus on a pogo stick....

(incomprehensible babbling as I look over the pages and the cards with my demonic minions)

Also, this book is so well aged, so well "polished" in looking authentic... it is amazing.

I love the illustrations and the creepy poems.

Oooo... the tarot cards are SO nice with this... you gotta see them... they look like ancient collector items... and totally dark magick....

Ah, the great Depression... the time of the Dark Messiah, Nyarlathotep... oh yeah!... I am going to work this somehow into a Haunter of the Dark routine... not sure how yet... but this book seems to be scream USE ME... USE ME...(of course it doesn't say its price of the soul...)

Hmmm.... a mirror maze of the soul springs to mind too looking at this... getting lost within the labyrinth of the book (Yay Borges and Bradbury!)...

Did I mention Roth is my hero?"


B. Ballon

I got my copy of this book today. I love it. It looks, smells (like herbal tea) and feels old. It looks like a real book out of 1938. I told my family that it really wasn't that old and they couldn't believe it, they really thought that I had bought an old antique witches book (not unusual for a wiccan priest).

The workings are utterly simple, so more to work on your presentation. I can tell you that the book by itself can be used as a full evening show, but I suggest that you don't use it for that.

You receive 5 nicely aged tarot cards, marked, and once you know how, the cards are easily read. I love everything about this book. The best magic buy I've made in 2012.