Homicide Trilogy

Homicide Trilogy U.S. - $110.00 shipped domestic

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Homicide Trilogy U.K. - $110.00 shipped domestic

Homicide Trilogy U.K. - $110.00 plus $10 shipped International

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Homcide Trilogy UK

 Homicide UK

Includes all thre books! Homicide-The Victims-Sinister-The Killers- Whitchapel- The Pawnshop log

Let me tell you a little story. Back in the days before there were computers and PDA's, the Chief Inspector Detectives carried around a little book with them. The book was small enough to keep in their shirt pocket. The Inspectors would affectionately refer to it as "the Murder Book."

Actually, it was a book of unsolved murders, more commonly known as "cold cases". Every couple of years, the big city departments would have their cold cases printed up and distributed to their officers. If they came across a lead, they could reference the "Murder Book" which contained the victim's name, address and a brief note about the murder. The books were widely used by Inspectors in the 30's, 40's and 50's.

We've re-created the murder book for you. Why? Because our murder book is umm...special. The spec can turn to ANY page, choose an unfortunate victim's name, street, or the area where the murder took place, and you can reveal how they met their demise, if they were male or female, how old they were, why they were killed, and the name of the killer! All this opens up incredible possibilities.

You do not ask for a page number and you do not look at the book. In fact you could have your back turned to the spec, but that would be rude. Homicide is our most ambitious product to date.

You love the Outlaw wallets, the Sanctum card is cool and Kioku baffles everyone. We only put out effects that we use, and The Homicide Trilogy is one of our best.

The book is 3 1/2 x 4 inches. It is "aged" to look like it was from the 1950's. We provide all the background on how you could have come across this little book, routines and method of course. By the way, we created all the"victims" in the book.

In stock now 6/20/17