Reflections V.2

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Introducing The Doctor

The Doctor I'd like to introduce The Doctor. He's not a time lord, but he does have crazy skills with a screwdriver. The Doctor (Psychology) is one of those rare builders with artistic ability, technical wizardry and years of experience.

He didn't build model cars when he was a kid, he built computers.

The Doctor did high end corporate shows for ten years, using many props and devices he built. His "day job" was as an independent contractor to Verizon, Samsung and Apple. He did coding for many years. There are smart phone components inside our new De-Constructed Cube.

The Doctor has been with us for over 6 months now. He is well versed in the outlaw products. He has been mentored through the past several months. He's part of the team that will continue to produce the classic outlaw props on our menu.

The Doctor brings his own style and a variety of awesome tech including coils, touch tech, RFID tech and the new Cube smart phone tech. Along with our classic items we will be producing new props like The Cube!


Reflections V.2

Reflections V.2

I'm now introducing Reflections V.2. Now with an additional "test" combined with an additional method created by Prof. B.C.

Reflections is even more diabolical.

It contains 3 different tests of psychological, emotional and behavioral reactions.

The bonus effect is Kioku! In the book! No cards!

Reflections is a very small 3 1/2 x 4 1/2 inch book. Also available in hardbound.
There are 142 pages.
It begins with a "planetary" personality test, our new addition that has the spec unknowingly reveal the "force" while cloaked as part of the test itself.

Next up the right side each page has 10 different statements that reflect what we say to each other everyday. There are hundreds of different statements in the book.

Each right hand page also has 10 symbols on it, and 18 individual words at the bottom of the page.

You will reveal the subject of their randomly chosen entry, a separate word out of 18 words that applies directly to the entry, and a symbol tied to the entry. You also have the option of duplicating the symbol they are thinking of as a drawing, rather than just revealing it.

As I stated above, you will know the context of the statement, the exact symbol and the exact word they are thinking of, before you even begin the actual presentation.

This allows you to do one revelation each to three different spectators or, all three revelations with a single spectator!

On the left side of the page is the Kioku memory transfer test.

A test where you reveal the exact memory they are thinking of.

Reflections is 100% examinable. There are no "banks", no sevengali principle or short pages used. You do not need to know a page number, and you do not peek the book!

The book is small enough to carry with you anywhere! You'll never leave home without it!

Reflections Hard cover is back in stock now!


"I received my copy of REFLECTIONS yesterday among the Holiday clamor. It hooked me!

OUTLAW EFFECTS continues to absolutely amaze! Three remarkable tests that will leave a spectator believing that they can project memories and emotions directly with their minds into your mind.

The prop itself is from the 80's, interesting yet boring and carries no heat...none. It all has a believable back story and everything about this product seems just right. If you ever owned a Rhine Deck/Esp Card or have had ANY interest in this sort of thing...then you should really consider REFLECTIONS. Left side of the page Kioku rocks!!! This will be a big hit.

It is so fun to do, these methodologies will fool even yourself into believing you are reading minds."

Eddie Garland

"Just used Reflections & The Outlaw at a private Christmas party tonight (a paid gig which I got more than my asking fee so they must have liked what I did for them).

Reflections just kills the girl that I performed it to she didn’t know what hit her I was about 15 feet away & was she freaked out at the revelations!

The Outlaw is perfect as well the peek is so fast and also not having to go into the wallet again makes it so much easier to use, do the dirty work & then spend more time on the reveal!

Thanks for the above two items, it looks like I will be ordering the pocket version of Reflections as well."

Mark P.

"Just to pile on some more superlatives...Reflections is hands down one of the best portable mentalism effects you can perform.

I've been frying people with this and the reactions have been tremendous. Reflections really looks and feels like real mentalism.

The book itself is professionally produced and looks authentic. Outlaw continues to impress. Especially the first class service!"