Room Service

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Room Service

Outlaw Effects Presents Room Service

Room Service

Room Service

From Outlaw Effects R.S. 1943 Take your audience on a new journey...

Luna has a cousin, and it's the most haunted place in the United States...

There is a lot of empathy to be drawn from RS. There are survivors and there are those that will not survive. There are young residents that are scared, there are residents that are resigned to a certain destiny.

There are residents that have lost hope and those that refuse to give up.

There are nurses that care very much, and some that don't.


Hand aged book

Full manual

You do not peek the book. You do not ask for a page number

The book:

Bed wards

Private rooms

Nurse quarters

1943 Super Bonus Effect! Free choice of ANY PAGE force entry!

2 Wild cards! Always "connect" to another entry

If you know 1935 you will catch onto 1943 in a snap.

Special thanks to Dr. Todd Landman.

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Magic Cafe ReviewWell, I just did my first full performance of RS...... There were about 18 people there and as practiced, my wife mentioned to people about me buying two odd books from the daughter of a nurse who use to work at RS. People then started talking about RS and that they knew of the place. I played the video of RS to set the mood and then brought out the two books.

I lit five candles and turned the lights off. It made the room look different and mysterious. Of course I went into a slight trace with my wife directing the action. It took on a feel of performances from days gone by and a two person mind reading act. My wife handed 1943 to one women and asked her to just hold it between her hands and to close her eyes. Another women stated, "Oh, crap, this isn't right" she really looked afraid.

My wife told the woman to open her eyes and that I would try and connect to someone in the book. She was told to open the book to any page. My wife asked if I could feel the connection. With my eyes closed I just shook my head no and I did just as Rick says to do, I waited until it felt right to make the connection. When I felt the connection, and mentioned something about the person in the book, that the women could relate to ...... I then revealed the person in the book and the woman, said a cuss word and threw the book on the floor!

It only got better after that! I liked the idea of having a person being a go between. My wife handled her part very well, as I was basically just sitting there in a slight trace and speaking broken sentences. IT could easily have been done one on one if I was not able to use my wife.

Man, this is one kick azz book test. I like this because of what Rick did in 1943 with the "any page" opening. You can not get any better than nailing something right off the bat. I also think because I used my wife as a conduit (more or less) that it really set the mood and made it a real performance instead of me reading their mind. This way I was able to go into a slight trance like I would in a seance and this scared a couple of people. I can't wait to finish my seance using these great books!

A few people didn't want to touch the books after I was done with the routine. Now that is cool!!!!