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Stardust is unlike any book test we've done before.

Two different primary forces that are no miss, no fish, no nothing. You are there and you know everything.

A third option force that is also "no miss" clean as day.

There is a fantastic "anypage" force to open the effect.

A dual reality where no one knows what is really going on and one spec remote views the other.



Like the other two in our “Coffee table” trilogy, Yearbook and Ash, Stardust is written to be read. It is linear. I believe it is just as fascinating a read, as it is a performance piece.

It should be played "straight" but it is a very "cheeky" very self deprecating and potentially funny presentation.
Be prepared for your audience to stare with their jaws dropped as you explain what this book is and where it came from.…

Backstory: Not printed in the actual book. The book has no explanation at all. You pretty much have to be told what you're looking at.

In 1969 we manned a spacecraft that landed on another planetary body, and successfully returned its crew to Earth.

7 years later a file was found in a NASA computer. The file was downloaded by NASA. It took another 7 years for them to decode the file and print it out.

That file contained this book

Parts of which were never decoded.

For achieving "space travel" in 1969, we were sent book 1 of 24 volumes containing the first 500 secrets of the known universe.

It is a gift from the "Universal Powers that be".

A very kind gesture, considering we appear to be at the bottom of the "totem pole" when it comes to how advanced we are in the grand scheme of things.
We were given Book 1

After 6,000 years of civilization, that's what we qualified for. Do the math. Book 2, the next 500 is a couple thousand years away.

So its a very self-deprecating presentation. But... the book has "gifts" embedded inside. Strange little watermarks that can trigger temporary powers.

Gifts that show us what we will be able to achieve with our minds once we have "evolved" a bit more. A little "window" into what we will someday do naturally.

It's not about the performer having abilities, it’s about this book giving anyone that reads it, new “temporary” abilities they did not have before.

It is all about the book.

J.T. Let me start by saying this is by far the easiest method I have ever seen in a book test. I have the Witche's Almanac and this is even easier.

When you know the force before they even touch the book, it lets you to focus 100% on the presentation. The book itself is extraordinary. Such a unique concept. It now sits alongside Ash and Yearbook.

Jason C. Thank you for this concept. I have been a magic and sci-fi fan for years. I now have a very coll book that is the best of both worlds. When you told me about Stardust several months ago, I had mentioned that I would be performing it for my magic circle. They were blown away. Thank you guys!

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