W.A. Collectors Edition

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In stock now 11/25/17!

Limited edition! 100 units only
The Witch's Almanac Collectors Edition

Outlaw Effects Present The Witch's Almanac Leather C.E.

The Witches Almanac CE (500 Inner Truths)

A small box of hardbound editions were recently found in upstate New York. Believed to be from the Hobbs and Co. collection.

These custom hardbound editions are very rare, only a few have ever been privately displayed. Available for purchase only through O.E.

Now in an all black cover with just the Astaroth symbol!!

The Leather Dek Limited Edition of 100 units Seal cover


The Leather Dek Limited Edition of 100 units Full cover

Monarked Seal and full cover Leather In Stock 2/15/17


"Witches is just THE ITEM I've been searching for!

It is made to perfection, and will bring a chill just to touch it. A great routine, and if you do it well, you can start your own religion with it!"

Deddy Corbuzier
Creator of "Free Will"

"The WITCHES'--WOW! WHAT an amazing work of Art!

I just got it yesterday and have been busy calling everyone I know and telling them to buy it.
Not only does it look old, dark and mysterious but it looks as if it had been left in the corner of a terribly secret attic room in an old abandoned Victorian mansion on the edge of a cemetery, with rats running over it for years and the roof leaking on it and dust and dirt gathering around it!

It is an amazing and very authentic looking old Witch book, sort of like your dream fantasy magic witch book, only better than what you might find in a movie because it actually looks REAL.

THIS Book just WOWS you visually, it has Such an authentic look about it. And Yet, it is small, something you actually CAN take with you everywhere.

WHAT BRILLIANT execution and planning for the Mentalist and hobbyist!

THIS is one VERY Extraordinary piece, really a work of sheer genius. I have spent quite a lot of money over the years looking for something this wonderful and never found it until now. Thank you Rick and Dr. Bill. What a HUGE Gift to the Mentalist Community!"


"My new copy of the Witch book is in the house!

In true Outlaw fashion, the product is unbelievably well made: aged to perfection (1938) and full of amazing images harking back to the era, including lots of great esoteric and metaphysical symbols, pictures (you will absolutely love all the multiple references), and quotations.

This looks like the real thing that would be 'found' hidden in a wall or locked away in a box for years. It also makes an interesting reference to the Sanctum Lodge (the existence of which has caused quite a debate on the Magic Cafe and here....)

The inner workings are pure genius and provide you with multiple presentational ideas for a variety of performance styles and settings (mentalism, bizarre, seance and reading work), which could really work well in tandem with other routines and effects.

You also get a 32-page manual written by Outlaw and Dr Bill suitably printed in the same size and feel of the book.

Hats off to Rick and Dr Bill!"


Dr Todd Landman, MMC
The Metaphysical Magician

I got my copy of this book today. I love it. It looks, smells (like herbal tea) and feels old. It looks like a real book out of 1938. I told my family that it really wasn't that old and they couldn't believe it, they really thought that I had bought an old antique witches book (not unusual for a wiccan priest).

The workings are utterly simple, so more to work on your presentation. I can tell you that the book by itself can be used as a full evening show, but I suggest that you don't use it for that.

You receive 5 nicely aged tarot cards, marked, and once you know how, the cards are easily read. I love everything about this book. The best magic buy I've made in 2014.