Contemplations - Sean Waters


Contemplations is a 100 page, PDF ebook, which contains seven routines, five essays and a "bonus" ideas section. In this lengthy ebook, you will learn how to affect the mind-body connection, solve crimes with your mental abilities, teach people how to access their subconscious clock (with a wristwatch) and how to control people's minds with three words.

The secrets of "real" mind reading with dollar bills and the ability to use your fingertips to sense the colors of playing cards, are revealed. Most importantly, there are a number of essays that challenge us to think about the plausibility of our routines, how to improve rapport and that include practice techniques befitting a mentalist. I am truly proud of these ideas and I am confident that you will be pleased. That is my sincere hope.


  • Reflexology - An intimate illusion
  • Horseshoes & Hand - Grenades – Thoughts on missing
  • The Sands of Time - An experiment in para-conscious awareness
  • The DC Technique - A method for improving rapport
  • Elementary - An after dinner mystery
  • Landscape Architecture – Use what you've got
  • Hand Out - A handy prediction
  • Manchurian Candidate – Control minds with just three words
  • As if – The mentalist's tool
  • Illuminati - A delightfully pure effect with a dollar bill
  • Regarding Rope – A parable
  • Beyond Touch – A perfectly structured color sensing routine
  • The Extra Mile - Bonus material