Down the hatch

Down the Hatch


Down the Hatch

From the dark imagination of Brynmore comes ‘Down the Hatch’.

This is a Psychometry routine in which the performer selects a volunteer, helps them to enter into an altered state of consciousness, hands them an antique key and asks them to use their intuition to begin describing the place the key comes from.

After describing various features of the place they believe the key comes from, the volunteer is asked to name the type of place this key comes from. After they have answered this question, it is revealed that not only did they correctly identify the place the key came from, but they have also been eerily correct in describing the physical features and the emotional atmosphere of the place. All of this is achieved using an antique key, a volunteer and psychology.

There are no gimmicks or ‘tricks’.
Down the Hatch is the perfect lead in to Luna and Room Service, particularly for those performers who understand the power of making a volunteer into the mind reader or medium. The principles however can be adapted to suit a multitude of different effects. You will never look at psychometry routines the same way again!

Bonus Effect: The Veil of Annwn – A storytelling effect that culminates in the performer demonstrating their ability to move beyond the barrier that separates life and death. This is a unique effect that combines a pulse stop, spirit bell and optional watch stop into a tale of bizarre cultic practices. Mentalism meets Lovecraft.
Paul Prater I truly enjoyed this. Seriously. This is my kind of thinking. I love it.