Impromptu Book Test

OUTLAW EFFECTS is proud to announce that we are the exclusive distributor of Josh Zandman's IBT E-BOOK!

Any Two Books
Any Place, Any Time
No Pre-Show work, Sleights, Tears or Gimmicks
Completely 100% Truly Impromptu Book Test

Participant keeps one of the books; you’ve never seen or handled it
You take the second book and flip thru the pages until the participant says “STOP.”
This is an absolutely free choice and the participant may verify the page number
Participant goes to that page in her book and remembers a word
The books are exchanged and the process repeated
You are immediately able to reveal the words in any way you choose

Also included is a special bonus routine “Watch It”
Again completely impromptu!
Josh Zandman applies his IBT principles to two borrowed watches
Participant selects a time on each watch
You instantly reveal both

Additional Routines & Suggestions By Andrew Gerard, Dr. Bill Cushman, Greg Arce and Richard Osterlind


"Josh Zandman’s is a clever extension of known principles for the famous David Hoy booktest.

How wonderful that Hoy’s original creation is still going strong after half a century. This latest arrangement would make Hoy smile. I did, and you will too.

Richard Busch

"Josh Zandman’s Impromptu Book Test should be in every mentalist’s arsenal.

If you like simple, direct and hard hitting mentalism, as I do, then IBT is definitely something you will use and enjoy performing."

John Smetana

"One of the finest book tests I have seen. Truly impromptu.

Any books, anywhere, any time. I have used it in my show and got an excellent response."

Tony Razzano

"It is one thing to bring your own books to a stage and perform mind reading.

What if someone could hand you a couple of books you have never even opened and you could perform killer mind reading … Now you have the power to do just that. This is a strong combination of time tested principles you will use, and love."

Andrew Gerard

"This is one of those ‘Duh, why didn’t I think of it’s ideas…

And the point it is so easy to do only sweetens the satisfaction of performing it."


"I was never a big fan of book tests but am a huge fan of the IBT. It has made all these gimmicked books redundant in my opinion."

Brian Halliday
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