Periculum Spiritus
An eBook of over 50 ideas, stories, and routines for the Spiritus Magnus spirit board, by Jim Magus and friends, including contributions from:

Larry Baukin

Prof BC

T. Everett Bookings III

Christian Chelman

Tony Chris

Michael Fraughton

Chris Handa


Leslie Melville

Craig Phillips


Ed Solomon

Neil Tobin

Freddie Valentine, and Jeremy Weiss.

Includes ideas using the planchette, bell, pendulum, Lovely Lucy and other spirit hands, Karl Feret's Witch Runes and other runes, the urn, flash pot,

candle, matches, matchbox, plus ideas using a pk ring, a skeletal hand, the shroud, Relic, Doug Higley's Demented Eye, and other items.

A routine using an easy to make and inexpensive falling picture accessory, routines for Ipswich and Lillian's Diary, a routine for the Dracula Book Test,

mental and psychic routines, several complete seances, and more. Over 170 pages!

Edited by Prof BC.