Ponderings - Sean Waters


This 50 page PDF ebook contains six effects and two essays. Ponderings includes: new methods of suggestion with cards, a routine based upon interpretive psychology, an effect with a dollar bill and even an easy, but effective, “con” demonstration. I am confident that you will thoroughly enjoy the effects, but the astute reader will discover the real value between the lines. Most can be performed close-up or stand-up, one routine is primarily a “theatrical piece” (but could be applied to close-up). These routines demonstrate a philosophy of performing mental effects. There is also a thought-provoking essay on the use of “pure” techniques and why we should attempt them.


  • Red-Handed - The most direct suggestive card force in print
  • Washington DeCeived - A memory effect takes a left turn at Uri’s place
  • HTP - A design duplication with a difference
  • K?nt - Completely mental presentation for the K.E.N.T. method
  • The PC Principle – An effective use of embedded commands and an essay
  • Double Malt - Don’t knock it, ‘till you try it
  • Why Try? - An essay regarding one benefit of using “pure” methodology
  • Avalon – A coincidence imagined (complete with conversational hypnosis)