The Safwan Papers

Safwan Papers - $30 ebook download

Introducing The Doctor

The Doctor I'd like to introduce The Doctor. He's not a time lord, but he does have crazy skills with a screwdriver. The Doctor (Psychology) is one of those rare builders with artistic ability, technical wizardry and years of experience.

He didn't build model cars when he was a kid, he built computers.

The Doctor did high end corporate shows for ten years, using many props and devices he built. His "day job" was as an independent contractor to Verizon, Samsung and Apple. He did coding for many years. There are smart phone components inside our new De-Constructed Cube.

The Doctor has been with us for over 6 months now. He is well versed in the outlaw products. He has been mentored through the past several months. He's part of the team that will continue to produce the classic outlaw props on our menu.

The Doctor brings his own style and a variety of awesome tech including coils, touch tech, RFID tech and the new Cube smart phone tech. Along with our classic items we will be producing new props like The Cube!

The Safwan Papers
The Safwan PapersTHE SAFWAN PAPERS by Bryn Reynolds

This eBook has finally been released, & contains several of Bryn’s latest mentalism routines and utilities.

Perhaps you know him from his some of his other separately released effects such as The BusinessCOIN Prediction, $: THE Serial Number Divination, ESPnvelope, or his DOUBLE-DOWN casino cards effect, which was recently featured on Richard Osterlind’s DVDs No Camera Tricks.

Here is what others are saying about THE SAFWAN PAPERS:


“Bryn Reynolds is one of the most exciting creators I have come across in many years. Whenever he sends me something it is top notch and is usually an item I add to my repertoire. THE SAFWAN PAPERS is the latest batch of material to peak my interests. Developed in Iraq, for his fellow soldiers, the material is dynamite! (Or C-4 given the situation!) There are great routines, gadgets and gimmicks that will become standard items in your act and just plain, good ole straight-thinking behind powerful effects! One is already slated for my next set of DVD’s. I highly - very highly - recommend this book!”


“You know how to take an idea or effect, make it your own and add a wonderful twist to them. Wonderful thinking and inspirational. Keep up the great work; we need more original thinkers like you in our ranks. Well done.”


“As in much of Bryn's work, these ideas, ploys, and psychological refinements should be kept a military secret. Reclassify these papers as Top Secret.”

"The Safwan Papers has several very clever ideas for the serious mentalist. The emphasis is on language ... not props. Your Lucky Nite could be sold as a separate routine." These effects primarily rely on psychological and verbal manipulation, as opposed to focusing on props or gimmicks. They are designed to be performed almost anywhere, at anytime, with either none, or very little, preparation. While the routine names may have been altered to so as not to tip any of the methodologies utilized, here is a brief description of each of the items: SEVEN – A one-card variant of the Kilossal Killer genre of effect…with one big difference: there are NO outs. NONE. The one-and-only prediction you place on the table before the routine begins will match the card the spectator envisions. Bold, raw, and almost always works. And in the rare occasions it doesn’t, you still get credit!

Gabe Ableson: “Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed SEVEN. As I've come to expect from you, it's brilliant.”

BCK - By using real psychometry (and a clever subtlety) you, and perhaps a participant, will be able to determine the outcome of an experiment of several runs of “object placed under one of several items.” And if you want, you may show you predicted in writing the exact results. NO gimmicks at all, and everything is borrowed.

YOUR LUCKY NITE – Hopefully, all are worth more than the price of admission, but this one seems to shine with a little more luster: an anytime-anyplace routine with a Bank Night flavor. Those whom I highly respect have said the following about this effect:

Gabe Ableson: “MAN that was good stuff, Bryn! I can't get over "YOUR LUCKY NITE.” Best version of Bank Night since the trick was invented. Wow.

Chuck Hickock: “Your Lucky Nite could be sold as a separate routine."

Mike Sturgeon: “I am still sitting here grinning from ear to ear as I contemplate the sheer entertainment value and the utter simplicity of the damn thing (I think I'm in love.)

Richard Osterlind: “We are planning to shoot the new set of videos some time ***********. With your permission I plan to use "Your Lucky Nite". (Per Bryn: Permission GRANTED…and thank you!)

Impossible to backtrack, no sucker ending, and participant shines as the star….and easy to prepare!

BOHT: My pet. Please read my story why in the book. A subtle cultural difference has been refined & exploited to make the “Which Hand” type of effect a perfect success…but only once per performance…..THE perfect out for when mechanical, physical, or psychological outs and tells may fail….and it stands as a methodology all on its own!

******STRING: Figure out the “asterisks,” if you will, but you will still enjoy the storyline and thinking behind it: A participant is brought back in time to an ancient carnival scam in which an entertaining story is told. By eliminating 4 out of 5 colored strings, she wins a very nice prize for the performer through her own FREE choices. No Equivique at all. NONE. In the interest of full-disclosure, SOME of you may have to buy a $20 prop, but most already have it. It is perfect.

$4 Billet Index – It is what it is…The least you will ever spend on an invisible 8/16 billet index that renders all specialty Predator-type wallets unnecessary. Complete with photos on how to build one!

Thanks, guys!