SuggestabilitiesSuggestabillities is a collection of three essays, each followed by an effect illustrating the principles explained.

Ericksonian Extracts is the first piece I ever published. It describes the impact of Milton Erickson on my own practices as a mentalist.

Alphabody Language puts these Ericksonian principles to work in a new way that allows the audience to reveal a chosen word! A versatile technique, the word can be from a standard booktest or learned by any clandestine method you prefer. No dual reality, no instant stooging, just good old-fashioned mentalism!

A Suggestion On The Use Of Suggestion addresses a common problem many beginning and even seasoned mentalists experience in approaching the art of suggestion. I explain the reason this occurs and offer a time honored, bulletproof solution.

The Jumping Pulse is the perfect effect to apply my solution. It can’t go wrong; it’s usable for one person or an entire audience. Imagine evoking the sensation of your pulse jumping from finger to finger! Derived from my own clinical practice in mindfulness, The Jumping Pulse can serve as an effect on its own or as a gateway to enhance other routines.

Justifying Your Gaze is a treatise on how to integrate your natural behaviors into peek work and more. Learn my answer to dilemmas that inhibit many mentalists from using some of our most powerful tools.

Outside The Fold is a potent routine where, with a fully justified gaze, you describe a spectator’s friend in detail.

As a bonus, join Millard Longman and myself as we journey to the weekly service of a shuteye psychic. Or is he?

"Sit down, relax, and breathe deeply...

When you have finished reading this book you'll have the tools to make yourself a better performer. Read this book.... think about what this book has to say... and practice the ideas within. You'll soon feel like you are under Bill's spell. Luckily he uses his powers for good and not evil.

And now a word from this sponsor: Bill is starting to freak me out. He keeps coming up with fantastic ideas and methods. I'm starting to wonder if he really exists or maybe some guys got together and created a false identity so they could put out some cool stuff under someone else's name.
Every time I read something from Bill I have an "Ah-ha!" moment. Far too many times. I'm starting to think that we'll all find out he's a computer simulated character programmed to pump out great ideas.
If I'm right, I'm hoping that this program never crashes. So once again, Bill, you've come out with some great stuff... or is it Bill Version 2.3 I'm talking to?"

Greg Arce