Telephone Bill
Telephone Bill“You think I would have learned the last time when he said it was just a ‘friendly’ game. He took me bad then, not just once but twice, so I’d know it wasn’t luck.

This time it wasn’t even a game; he called it an ‘experiment.’ So what did I have to lose?  Besides my mind, that is. Oh, and did I mention it all took place over the telephone?

He told me to picture him sitting across from me; I saw him just like last time, full beard and hair gone to gray, wire-framed glasses and that twisted grin he showed after nailing the second hand. Again, they were my cards but this time there were thousands of miles between us.

Just like last time, I shuffled. I cut. I dealt us each a hand. Just like last time, none of it mattered.

I didn’t tell him anything and of course there was nothing for him to see. But still, damn him, he knew!

In the spirit of an experiment, he called the black cards in my hand ‘variables’ and I didn’t know how many I held until HE told me! To me they were just black cards and my black cards at that. But he knew. Just like last time he knew.”

Take a bit of “Miraskill,” a twist each of “Mirabill” and “A View To A Skill” and mix with “Minimal Miraskill.” Between Stewart James, Herb Zarrow, John Bannon and Dr. Bill, you will have one of the strongest effects possible to perform over the telephone.

The good doctor had been seeking a way to perform Mirabill over the phone ever since its release but it seemed impossible. Until now.

Telephone Bill looks and sounds different than any of the above but utilizes James’s original brilliant principle and is every bit as squeaky-clean as Mirabill.  Live and in person it is mind bending. But over the phone? Your audience won’t stand a chance.


“When Dr. Bill did this effect for me over the phone, I was stunned!

The procedure is fast and easy (no boredom here as in many phone tricks) requiring only a deck of playing cards. There seems to be no way for the performer to know anything about the number of cards since he is on the phone and cannot see what you are doing.

First class telephone magic!”

Millard Longman

"I just had the opportunity to read through this manuscript and it is a fantastic over-the-phone piece.

It is, as was pointed out above, "An easy over-the-phone effect that uses the spectator's own cards" but is not really a card trick. It is a wonderful, and easy piece of over-the phone Mind Reading."

Tony Iacoviello

"Oh, boy... here it comes. I read it.

It's good... just like everything else Bill puts out. An easy over-the-phone effect that uses the spectator's own cards.

Bill has included his script that adds more deception to it and allows you to appear to have more hits than just the effect itself."

Greg Arce

"How did Bill come up with this fine effect in the first place?

I called several friends and acquaintances (summer conjurors, summer not) this morning and had loads of fun baffling them easily. Later, when my neighbor dropped by to borrow some tools, I had him sit on the far side of the room while I walked him through Bill's effect. He left shaking his head in wonder.

This is an excellent out-of-the-room demonstration of mindreading."

Mick Ayres