The Logar Scrolls

The Logar Scrolls $45.00 email me at for the download.

The Logar Scrolls
The Logar Scrolls

Effects Include:

• My “$” dollar bill serial number divination
• “The $ KIT!” which are instructions on how to make it yourself
• “3 Tips for $” from Jheff Poncher
• “The Notebook” which is a small utility billet index / switching device
• “DOUBLE-DOWN,” my casino cards effect, as seen in Richard Osterlind's “NO CAMERA TRICKS!” DVD set
• “DOUBLE-DOWN BONUS” utilizing a casino chip
• “ESPnvelope”
• “COINSUKE,” s psychometric-type routine using coins
• “RIFFLETHINK” a dual playing card divination with multiple endings detailed, one by Richard Osterlind!
• “The BusinessCOIN Prediction” and SEVERAL variations I have developed utilizing the “BCP technology”
• “The GIFT” by Richard Osterlind. Sort of an “add-a-no” but no gimmicks and a lot more personal and entertaining