Outlaw & Dead Art Inc. Present

13 Ghosts



After taking several test photos, W. Campbell adjusts his glasses and stares at the image developing in front of him. He watches uncomprehending as the boy appears in the darkness behind the empty chair. The shadows seethe like a living thing and from the blackness emerges the face of a child. His studio vacant, save for himself and the spirits, the boy’s appearance was beyond unsettling. Campbell resigned himself to the unease he had been feeling all night; the unwavering gaze of the dead.

His flesh prickled with excitement and dread. With no other explanation at hand, Campbell found himself clutching the Carte de visite, the evidence of something both unprecedented and unwelcome. He was not alone. After many failed attempts to recreate the photo, Campbell vanished...

Recreating the events that led to the disappearance of W. Campbell, the sitter becomes the medium! Not only will they correctly divine and make contact with one of the 13 spirits, they will witness the terrifying manifestation of the ghostly apparition right before their eyes.

A haunting reveal of a spectral apparition allows the spirit to "enter" the room. Giving the clever performer carte blanche to let their imagination run wild.

13 ghosts is a seance piece and a walk around antique aged effect that will fit in your jacket pocket.
Featuring several different performance options, from Colney Hatch to Jack the Ripper, 13 ghosts can be incorporated into many different shows and styles.
Additional effects, methods and ideas are also included.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFWRd8BI0cw

1 Hand aged Box of 220 lb stock
12 Memento Mori post mortem spirit photographs
1 specially gaffed empty chair photograph
1 Trinity Gallery & Studio visiting card
36 page performance manual e-book
email me for availability 3/01/15