Sanctum 4 - Wonder Tour

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Outlaw Effects and Vic Nadata Present

Sanctum 4 - The Wonder Tour

Destination, Montana was where she first encountered Cornelius Hobbs. He came to see her the day the Wonder Tour rolled into town.

She thought he was another seeker, but he was different. He didn’t need his fortune told. He said he knew his future, and she was there.

Hobbs asked her to be part of The Wonder Tour that night.

Curiously enough, her name was already on the buck slip.

For the next six months she traveled across the country with the Tour, stopping in small towns bringing the mysterious wherever they went.

Own a rather peculiar memento from a simpler time, when The Wonder Tour rode the rails, and the mysterious was welcomed back like an old friend.

Take your spectator into the realm of the Oracle Luna as they describe the inside of her fortune telling wagon, a place they've never seen before.

Each Wonder Tour card is hand sanded,then aged and finished with an antique wax sealer.

Sanctum 4 - Wonder Tour

In stock 1/20/17