5 Shot

Outlaw Effects & Bobby Hasbun Present




You explain to the spectator that they have a free choice of any one of the 22 major arcana cards, and you are going to do a one card tarot reading based on their chosen card, which they keep secret from you. You never see which card they have chosen, but are able to do a complete reading based on their exact chosen card. There is no force. You tell them they will also see a "desire or fortune" associated with every card and you will also reveal and interpret their desire as well. The spectator never says what tarot card they have chosen and once you place the cards down you never touch them again. You can be sitting across from them or even standing 10 feet away.

Take your spectators back to the golden age of mindreaders and fortune tellers with the 5 Shot carnival style mindreading effect.

5 shot Tarot is a specially printed set of 5 cards and an additional 6th card that is a "legend" or crib card. The cards are 5 inch by 3.25 inches and printed on heavy 130 pound card stock. They're hand sanded then aged. There is also a crib built into the label on the distressed and aged box. 5 shot does not require any memory work.

What is it you seek? What is your deepest desire? After years of answering these questions for those that wished to know, Dark has now made these mysterious cards available to those that have the ability to truly connect their minds to another. There is no explanation for why they work. There is no logic to how they work, there is only the truth that in the right hands, they do work. For hundreds and hundreds of years the Tarot have answered questions and given direction to those that seek guidance in their daily lives.

5 Shot comes with a manual, routine and professional reader interpretations of the 22 arcana and "desires". There is also a private 5 Shot forum that you get access to.

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