Carnie Cursed

Outlaw Effects and Paul Prater present

Carnie Cursed !


By stains of blood pricked from my thumb

Something wicked, this deck comes

O hear my plea Carlotta Tess

Don't curse the cards that I possess.

Cornelius Hobbs knew the name. Luna Rose knew, and the officers of Sanctum knew the name. In the fall of ‘38 that name would change everything. At that time Luna Rose was a ranking member of Sanctum, the only female to ever be a member of Sanctum. Things were, well, good.

Hobbs had just released the Witches’ Almanac, his Mysterious Wonder Tour was traveling the mid-west and Luna was the pre-eminent fortune teller and tarot reader on the circuits.

Yes, she used Hobbs favorite cards, his own Carnie Tarot. Things were good, until the day Carlotta Tess, at least that’s who Hobbs believed it was, showed up in Luna’s wagon and asked for a reading. Luna did not know it was Carlota, of course not.

The reading was more than peculiar. Not only did Luna not recognize Carlotta, how could she, no one really knew what she looked like, but what she didn’t know was that just minutes earlier Carlotta had met with Cornelius Hobbs, and things would never be the same…
In stock now 9/5/17
22 hand aged, hand waxed cursed Carnie cards. The same devious system and the same wonderful back design. Printed on heavy 110 pound stock. Starts shipping this week! Original Carnie design work by Darren O'Connor