Le Petite Fleur Tarot

Le Petite Fleur Deck $150 Special! shipped Worldwide!!

Le Petite Fleur 78 card deck is a limited edition of 100 units with numbered C.O.A. printed on 110 pound stock

Le Petite Fleur Arcana $65 Special! shipped Worldwide!!

The Petite Fleur Arcana only is on Dark Dawn style 220 pound heavy double stock

In stock now 11/26/17!!
Le Petite Fleur Tarot

Outlaw Effects & Tance D. Present

Le Petite Fleur Tarot

Le Petite Arcana

Circa turn of the 19th century. A full hand aged 78 card Flemish deck. This 1901 revisit to the 18th century Flemish deck is a wonderful take on the traditional Marseilles cards. The cards are very similar in design to the 17th century deck We think the Le Petite Fleur will be a jewel for all readers and collectors alike.

The Petite Fleur deck is ink edged, hand sanded, hand cut and waxed.
This is a fully marked deck

It's a limited edition of 100 units. Comes with a signed and numbered C.O.A.

Le Petite Fleur arcana is a 22 card fully marked arcana hand aged, waxed and ink edged. The Petite Arcana cards are on Heavy 220 pound Dark Dawn stock.

In stock now 7/17/17

OzJust received the Le Petite Fleur Tarot and am so happy that I made this purchase.
The card quality and aging are exceptional.

The size and weight of the cards feel good in the hands, and the aging is just right...the cards look like they've seen ware, but still well-cared for over the years.

The marking system is Outlaw at its best, and easy to glimpse even with aging eyes like mine. Rick was great to deal with...quick service and good communication. Another winner from Outlaw.

Don K.Having recently received my Hobbs Deck, I'm now familiar with the excellent work Outlaw Effects does with their aged items. I did not hesitate to get the Le Petite cards full deck.

I would call these a mid-size tarot cards. I have many larger and many smaller. The art is sublime and the aging spot on. I'm very satisfied and again look forward to future releases.